July 25, 2022

Top 10 Indian Sex-Positive Influencers

Let’s face it: Our society is riddled with outdated beliefs about sexual and reproductive health. Anything related to matters of sex is met with suspicious glances and hush-hush tones.

Not only does this hinder an understanding of how our bodies work, but it also creates a lack of awareness that could lead to health hazards.

The internet is a vast resource to learn about sexual and reproductive health, but it is also hard to verify the facts. Here are influencers who are putting out bite-sized pieces of information that are easy to follow.

These educators are also breaking the taboo by creating a positive, judgment-free community that can openly discuss and be aware!

1. Dr. Tanaya

Diving deep into the thick of sex-ed is @dr_cuterus! From busting myths to helping one be more comfortable with their own body, she normalizes talking about sexual & reproductive health for everyone. Her content is not just educational, she also makes it super entertaining with funny quips about the misconceptions that exist!


2. Seema Anand

This is Seema Anand’s point of view: We are from the land that produced the Kama Sutra and yet shy away from healthy conversations about sex! How did that happen? Through her very artsy Instagram, she talks about how important intimacy is for a healthy relationship while drawing parallels from the Kama Sutra.


3. Leeza Mangaldas

Open communication makes things easier, especially when it comes to sex! Leeza Mangaldas talks about the understanding of consent, self-pleasure, sex toys, and everything else that is never taught due to the heavy taboo attached to it. Making a sexual experience safe & pleasurable is what her content revolves around.


4. Apurupa

Inclusivity is something that is majorly lacking in sex-ed. Apurupa takes to her Instagram to advocate for sexual and reproductive health and rights. What we learn in sex-ed is heteronormative and ableist on most fronts. She makes the conversation relatable to anyone who is viewing it, no matter how they identify!


5. Karishma

Most of the knowledge on sexual and reproductive health is something we have stumbled upon on the internet! Many don’t get a talk from their parents or guardians or any other reliable source either. This is a gap that Karishma is working to bridge with her Instagram page @talkyounevergot. She also talks about the legal aspects of abortion, surrogacy, and many related topics that are rarely talked about.


6. Sakshi Tickoo

Self-awareness is key when it comes to sexual and reproductive health. The fact that everyone deserves to have access to resources that makes every experience safe and healthy is something Sakshi reiterates throughout her content. Making way for menstrual hygiene awareness is also in prime focus!


7. Pallavi Barnwal

Having a healthy relationship depends on several contributing factors. Knowing when a relationship is getting sexually and emotionally toxic also comes with awareness! This is exactly what @coachpallavibarnwal advocates for on her Instagram. She creates an avenue to openly talk about the physical and emotional aspects of relationships.


8. Neha Bhat

Mental health plays a major role in relationships and sex. Healing past trauma, abuse, and dealing with various triggers can be overwhelming, says @indiansextherapist. Her content is an eye-opener and is very relatable for anyone viewing her Instagram!


9. Simran Balar Jain

Skimming through Simran’s Instagram shows a mix of everything: beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and also menstrual hygiene, and safe sex practices! Her versatile profile truly removes the stigma around talking about supposedly uncomfortable topics and normalising them.


10. Dr. Prateek Makwana

Not everything you see on the internet can be believed, but when it comes from a qualified professional, why not? @fertility_scribbles talks about fertility, reproductive health, safe sex practices, and verifies common misconceptions through short and informative videos!


Sex is a part of life and being aware of sexual and reproductive health contributes to one’s overall health. These influencers not only educate their audience but also point out the gaps and flaws in an educational system that does not make all this information available to the masses. It is important to be vocal and uninhibited with influencer marketing through galleri5 Creator Stack as a brand, which is a value that your audience will appreciate too!

Namitha Bogadi (namitha.bogadi@galleri5.com)
Content Specialist