Frequently Asked Questions

Can I reject a campaign post confirmation?

While you have the right to reject campaign post confirmation (before the campaign begins), it is advisable to apply only when you can work on a campaign for the mentioned timelines.

How can I check if my content is approved?

Open the campaign for which you want to check from the Ongoing tab on the Campaign page. Go on to deliverables by clicking on the dropdown arrow, here you see all your uploaded content status Submitted/ Approved/ Rejected.

I am unable to log in to my Galleri5 account. What should I do?

Write an email to support@galleri5.com with screenshot of the error message you are getting and description of the problem you are facing. Out technical team will get back to you soon with a resolution.

Proforma generated in my account has an error, one or more of my deliverables have not been considered. How do I raise an issue?

While generating Proforma there is a 'Raise an Issue' button. Click on it and specify your Issue. The team will revert with a resolution within 24-48 working hours.

I have pressed - "Pass" button on a new campaign by mistake, can I apply to it again? Where do I find it?

Yes, you can apply to a campaign which you have passed on before. These campaigns appear under the Archived tab on the Campaigns page.

I have completed my deliverables but one of my deliverable is not reflecting on the platform, how do I add this missing content?

If you feel there is a content that has been missed out, you can click on 'Raise an Issue' and specify your issue. Our team will revert back with a solution within 24- 48 hours.

How to add my bank details where I want to receive the payment? Can I add multiple bank accounts and choose where to receive the payment for a specific campaign?

Go to Payment details from the (three dots) menu on the top navigation and create a payment profile. Assign relevant name to the payment profile and your account details and you are good to go! You can create multiple payment profiles (each with different account numbers) for receiving payments from the brands. After the completion of the campaign, the brand generates proforma at their end first, then you need to verify the no. of deliverables and payable amount and raise an invoice. While you are raising invoice you will get an option to choose a payment profile, go with the one in which you want to receive the payment. In case if you find any discrepency in the amount you can raise an issue and write to our finance team, we'll get it sorted for you!

If I am not able to complete all the deliverables for the campaign in the committed time, will I still be paid for the deliverables I have already submitted?

Yes, you will be paid for the completed deliverables for the campaign that have been approved and have gone live on time.

Once I have completed all my deliverables? What is the process to receive my payment?

You will receive an email from the Galleri5 finance team 3 days post completion of the campaign with invoice submission steps. Payment will be transferred 45 days from invoice submission.

What should I do if my content is rejected?

In case your content is rejected, please refer to the brief shared with you and submit reshot content that aligns with it for seamless approval.

What is a repost deliverable?

A repost deliverable refers to posting pre-created brand content.

How do I upload content?

To upload content you need to go to Campaigns page > Select Ongoing Tab > Choose the Campaign (for which you need to upload content) > Click on Deliverables dropdown > Select the deliverable for which your content is for > And then click on upload Media.

What happens after I have applied for a campaign? / How to check if I got selected in a campaign?

After your application, the brand looks into your profile and then accepts/ rejects your application. If the brand approves your application request, the campaign moves on from the new tab to the ongoing tab, and you are suppose to review the terms of contract and sign the same.

What is the meaning of 'New', 'Ongoing' and 'Archived' Campaigns?

These are the three tabs you see on the campaign page. New: Any campaign that have been made live by galleri5 after brand's submission and you have not taken any action on it appear here. Ongoing: Any campaign that you have applied forappers under this tab till the time campaign is active. Archived: Under this tab you will see the campaigns that you have completed and the ones that you might have rejected from your end.

Where should I check all the campaigns that are open?

All the open campaigns appear under the 'New' tab on Campaigns page, which can be accessed through the bottom navigation bar.

How can I change email id and phone no. linked to my galleri5 account?

For changing the email/ phone no. linked to your galleri5 account, go to the three dot menu on the extreme right in the top navigation bar > Choose the Account Settings from the options.

I have attached wrong Instagram profile, how do I change it?

On your profile, under social media details select instagram. You will be able to see the username in green on the right of which there is pencil icon. By clicking on it you can delink the current Instagram account and then add the correct one.

How do I decide which plan to choose for a platform?

According to your presence on each platform decide your pricing plan. Depending on the count of followers and your content consistency over the period of time. Avoid putting too high costs for a platform on which you do not have good presence, that might end up being the reason of you not getting selected for a campaign.

I am getting "Profile Completion Error"? What to do?

To complete your profile you need to fill up the following details correctly: (complete the answers in points mentioning about which details cannot be skipped and why they are required. Also mention that their social media accounts would be safe and we cannot access them or post on their behalf.

How to participate in campaigns?

Look for available campaigns under the New tab on campaigns page. Check out the campaign details like it’s description, the type of deliverables and then apply for it! Once that brand approves your application request, you will get a mail intimation and this campaign will appear under Ongoing tab on campaigns page. And if you still want to be a part of the campaign then you can sign the contract after going through it thoroughly. And Voila, you’ll be set to start creating content for the campaign.

How do I make myself get noticed by brands?

Register yourself on galleri5. Complete your profile with the maximum possible details. Attach all your social media platforms and make sure to choose a pricing plan for that platform. And you will soon be reached out by us or brands!