November 7, 2022

5 Baker Influencers Who have Transformed the Baking Game in India

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When the pandemic gripped the world, our home became an oasis, a safe haven to live and pursue new passions and hobbies. People picked up new interests and some turned them into full-fledged businesses. Baking is one such speciality that turned hundreds of home bakers into professional bakers or food influencers on Instagram and YouTube. And this trend is not just limited to big cities and towns, several tier-1 and tier-2 cities also saw a rise of budding home bakers and food vlog creators. 

At the same time, we also saw a rise in ordinary people who started baking more for therapeutic reasons. This group of people may not necessarily be professional bakers, but bake as a hobby and love to follow bakers who are mesmerizing us with their entrepreneurial skills and creations. 

Here are 5 Bakers who are taking big strides in the baking industry in India

1. Shivesh Bhatia

Instagram Handle - shivesh17

Follower Count - 879K followers

This self-taught baker from Delhi has a massive following on both Instagram and Youtube. He has also authored four cookbooks such as Eggless Baking, and Dessert for Every Mood. His first book titled - Bake with Shivesh, published in 2018, became an Amazon best seller.  Shivesh has a very innovative style of baking which is inspired by several Indian sweets.  For example, the Malai Chai Tiramisu cake is an Indian twist to the decadent Italian dessert. 

Besides several Tv and media appearances, this baking enthusiast has also received several awards, including the “Cosmo India Blogger Awards Food Influencer Of The Year 2022”. Bakers like Shivesh have inspired several home bakers who try out the recipes that he so beautifully presents on his Instagram page. 

2. Pooja Dhingra 

Instagram Handle - poojadhingra

Follower Count - 7.1 Million followers

Celebrity baker and founder & CEO of French Patisserie, Le15 in Mumbai has truly patronized the school of french baking in India. Known as the Macaron Queen of India, this talented baker has developed an eggless macarons recipe which has won many praises from her customers. Her Instagram page has nearly 7.1 Million followers, where she regularly posts decadent recipes like - truffles, seasonal fruit cakes, Diwali desserts and many more. 

Besides being a talented baker, she has astute business sense. Recently, under her brand Le15, Pooja launched a “hot chocolate mix” for retail customers. She has also written many books about eggless baking and opened a new store in Kolkata. 

3. Deeba Rajpal

Interview with Deeba Rajpal of "Passionate About Baking" | So Delhi

Instagram Handle - passionateaboutbaking

Follower count - 383K followers

Food stylist, passionate baker and food influencer, Deeba Rajpal is known to create the most aesthetically looking desserts. Her Instagram page is similar to a piece of art. Every recipe is carefully created and presented. From Chocolate to rasmalai cakes, she has a dessert recipe for every palate. 

Rajpal has a particular passion for chocolates which is evident from her book “Passionate about baking”. Published by Penguin India, the book has over 100 chocolate recipes with beautiful pictures to match with. 

Recipes presented on her Instagram page have been viewed millions of times and her unique blend of recipe and food styling has won many praises. 

4. Chef Kriti Bhoutika

Instagram Handle - kritibhoutika

Follower count - 276K followers

Winner of Masterchef India, season 5, Kriti Bhoutika is the owner of Sugarplum Cakery. Founded in 2016, the bakery offers the best cakes, pastries, and tarts to the residents of the City of Joy, Kolkata. Her Instagram page is also a very popular space with 276K followers. 

She is also known to take online classes for baking and cooking. Her simple yet decadent recipes have got millions of views on social media. She also promotes low-waste cooking and her recipes are innovative and inspiring. As a woman entrepreneur in the baking and food industry space, Kriti is an inspiration to several young people. 

5. Chef Ruhee Bhimani Lokhandwala

Instagram Handle - chefruheebhimani

Follower count - 33.8K followers

Expert pastry chef and recipe developer, Chef Ruhee Bhimani is well known for eggless bakery products. She is the owner of Cocoa Cottage, a Mumbai-based bakery workshop that teaches baking enthusiasts and professional bakers the art of eggless baking. Her Instagram page not only presents amazing recipes for novice bakers but also trips and tricks to improve baking skills. 

She is known for fusion baking and allergy-free baking as well which has received thousands of views. 

Not very long ago, home baking seemed to be a very niche segment that only a select few would pursue. The pandemic changed it all. With little distraction and maximum time, people tried their hands at baking. While some became regular bakers, others kick-started their stints as home bakers by becoming Instagram food influencers. These creators add a whole new layer of innovation to a brand’s marketing efforts. galleri5 creator stack can help you connect with these creators for successful campaigns!

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