March 10, 2023

5 Creators who are also Successful Entrepreneurs

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There is no doubt that influencer marketing is the most adopted and effective advertising strategy in the world today. From larger enterprises to SMBs to mid-sized enterprises are expanding their influencer marketing budgets, even as traditional marketing methods are witnessing budget cuts. As per a recent industry report, the influencer marketing industry is set to grow to $21.1 billion by the end of 2023. 

This is great news for the creator community which will be presented with new opportunities to grow. In today's age and time content creation is seen as a “serious profession”. 

What started as a hobby or creative release has transformed into a viable career for many content creators. And some have further progressed their careers by donning the “entrepreneurial hat”. Many full-time content creators are not successful business owners. 

They have catapulted the popularity they achieved through social media platforms such as Instagram or YouTube and launched their brands. Here are some examples of talented social media influencers/creators who are now successful entrepreneurs:

Diipa Büller-Khosla - inde wild

Born and raised in India, Dipika Khosla is a global influencer, practicing ayurveda doctor, and now an entrepreneur who has charmed the beauty industry with her brand “inde wil”. In this exclusive Vogue interview, she shares the excitement of being the first Indian founder of a beauty brand to launch her brand in four countries including the UK, US, Canada, and India within the first eight months of its inception. In India, the cult brand entered the market in partnership with Nykaa.

The beauty line combines the ancient practice of ayurveda and the modernity of chemistry to create products that are suitable for any skin type, particularly melanated skin tones. Priced mid-range, the product line makes all the right noises. Sunrise Glow Serum to Sunset Restore Serum is highly talked about affordable and cruelty-free products. The products are also very safe and can also be used by pregnant women. 

Although her stint in the beauty industry started as an influencer, she has 1.9 million followers on Instagram, she does not want “indie wild” to be merely labeled as an influencer brand. Through her beauty line, she is committed to solving the real skin problem of people with a darker tone. 

Bhuvan Bam- Youthiapa

Bhuvan Bam is undoubtedly one of the most successful content creators in India. Highly popular among his young followers, Bam has 25.9 M subscribers on YouTube and 16.1 million followers on Instagram.  BB ki vines have a cult following and his web shows, videos, and all content formats are widely loved and shared. 

All thanks to that popularity, Bam launched his merch brand Youthiapa way back in 2017 and has been very successful. From hoodies, t-shirts, mugs, caps, masks, calendars, and shoes, the brand has a wide product category for everyone. 

Vishnu Kaushal - Peach by Vishnu

Vishnu Kaushal is a popular Instagram content creator with 2.4 million followers. Known for his comedy sketches and videos, his popularity has steadily grown on social media platforms. 

Taking advantage of that popularity, Vishu launched his own merch “Peach by Vishnu” in 2021. The clothes available on the website are designed and modeled by Kaushal himself. 

Unisex and designed for comfort, his clothes are very popular amongst the Gen Z and millennials. 

Kabita Singh - Kabita’s Spice Mix

From a housewife to a YouTuber and now an entrepreneur, Kabits Singh’s journey is very aspirational. The recipe posted on her YouTube channel Kabita’s Kitchen is viewed by her 14.9 million subscribers. She is also very active on Instagram and has a following of 1.1 million.  

Much like other YouTube chefs, the purpose of her channel is to teach authentic Indian recipes to novice cooks. Her recipes are very popular because of their simplicity and good taste. In November last year, in collaboration with Indian Food Network, Kabita launched her own freshly blended spice mixes- sabzi masala, chicken masala, and pav bhaji masala. The products can be bought from their website and amazon. 

To simplify cooking for the average people of this country, she is also currently working on ready-to-eat meals. 

Faisal Khan- FKR

Biker and motor enthusiast, Faisal Khan is a popular YouTuber and Instagram influencer. His love for the road encouraged him to launch the brand- FK riding gears. Given the rugged journey motorbiking entails, FK gears offer a wide range of highly functional jackets, gloves, pants, and kits. 

The brand was launched in 2019 and is available on Amazon. The idea behind Fk gears is to allow motorcyclists to enjoy the thrill of biking without having to worry about safety. For example, the black edition jacket is lightweight, and water-proof with elbow and shoulder protection. 

Final thoughts 

The entrepreneurial journey for most content creators can be personal or a way to release their creative side. Whatever may be the reason, the creator economy needs to grow. The creator community in India is very big and its success will have a trickling effect on the country’s GDP, culture, and meaningful brand-creator relationship. 

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