June 14, 2023

5 Hacks for a Successful Father's Day Influencer Marketing Campaign

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Father's Day is just around the corner, celebrated in many countries on the third Sunday of June every year. This day is celebrated to honor and appreciate fathers and father figures for their love, support, guidance, and contributions to their families and society. The day provides an opportunity to recognize and express gratitude for the important role that fathers play in the lives of their children.

These special days in the year are also great business opportunities. It is estimated that every year, the number of people celebrating Father’s Day is increasing. One can attribute this change to the growing relevance of social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram. As per the research done in the US market, the total consumer spending on Father's Day closed at $20 B in 2022. At the same time, 79% of respondents of the same research said that they will also celebrate Father’s Day the following year, i.e. 2023. 

Gift exchange is a crucial aspect of the Father’s Day celebration. From gift cards, and electronic items to fancy meals at a restaurant, people are looking for innovative and unique ways to celebrate this day. The purchasing decision of a gift can be based on several factors. Some of them are listed below -

  • A gift that is different or unique
  • A gift that is memorable
  • A gift that can be easily procured
  • A gift that is affordable or cost-effective

Besides understanding the motivation or thought behind buying a gift, businesses also need to understand the demographic of the consumer. People who are most likely to buy Father’s Day gifts. As per Oracle audience data, 25-44 year-old individuals are more likely to be Father’s Day shoppers.  

Keeping these references and data in mind, here are some key notes businesses must pay attention to while devising a social media campaign this Father's Day. 

Use unique and easy to remember Hashtags #

Creating a unique hashtag for Father's Day celebration can help brands engage their audience, track user-generated content, and create a sense of community around the campaign. All hashtags used for the campaign should be directly related to Father's Day. Incorporate keywords that capture the essence of fatherhood, appreciation, unique gifts, memorable moments, etc. Keep away from complex and hard to remember hashtags. 

The addition of a brand name or a unique element can be used to distinguish the campaign from others. 

Reach out to Daddy Influencers for collaboration 

Visually stunning storytelling is the best way to create a successful Father’s Day campaign. In order to do so, businesses will have to find the right collaborators. There are two ways brands can approach this. 

  • Identity influencers who post content about fatherhood, parenting 
  • Young influencers who are closer to the customer persona that brands are trying to woo. For example, millennials and GenZ groups are the best fit for the campaign and they are most likely to be Father's Day gift shoppers. 

Collaborate with them for the promotion of unique hashtags. Brands should encourage them to create content using the hashtag and share it with their followers. Their influence can amplify the reach and impact of the marketing campaign. 

Do not Ignore Mommy Content Creators 

While engaging with daddy influencers may seem like a logical choice for a Father’s Day campaign,  however, business owners should not ignore the power of mommy content creators. This will not only help brands create compelling content but also help amplify the campaign. 

Many content creators who are mothers and their channels especially deal in topics such as parenting and motherhood have massive following. These creators can help brands reach out to a wider audience which in turn will boost sales. 

Go Creative with Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Providing the audience with a curated guide featuring unique and thoughtful gifts is a good way to start with it. For example, brands can highlight the existing products or services and why they would make excellent Father’s Day presents. 

Cater to Last-minute Shoppers 

Although Father's Day is a very special day, it is not like mainstream festivals like Diwali or Christmas where shoppers or customers shop in advance. Besides that, many brands mostly kick-start their marketing campaign for such occasions just a few days or weeks before the actual date. Keeping these scenarios in mind, businesses need to cater to last-minute shoppers with a good turnaround time on delivery. Highlight this offer in the influencer content marketing material and hashtags etc. (for example-#onedaydelivery). This is an excellent strategy to get maximum traction and boost sales as many last-minute shoppers would love a short delivery window. 

Concluding Thoughts

In a competitive business environment, every occasion or day matters. Brands are constantly looking for ideas and innovation to boost and amplify their business. They need to be prepared in advance and work with the right group of creators.

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Kamna Datt
Content Writer
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