August 24, 2022

5 Mistakes To Avoid With Influencer Marketing (Ever!)

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From a rarely used term in 2011 to where we are now, influencer marketing has come a long way. It has grown as an industry in leaps and bounds, and is continuing so with no indication of stopping!

Some statistics to prove the effectiveness of creator marketing:

  • 93% of marketers use influencer marketing
  • 60% of marketers say that influencer-created content performs better than branded posts
  • 75% of brands intend to set aside a budget specifically for influencer marketing

Every brand is considering influencer marketing, while most brands have already made it a part of their marketing efforts. While it is not entirely new, creator-based marketing has many layers to navigate through. Especially to measure and streamline, it is necessary to do multiple checks at various levels to ensure that a campaign goes smoothly.

While most brands learn through their mistakes, here are the most common errors to avoid, not just to sail through campaigns, but also to reap rich rewards from influencer marketing.

1. Unclear campaign goals

When the strategy is not clear, the outcome will be unclear too! It is important to choose one main objective. This stands for influencer marketing. However, a surprising number of brands/ marketers do not set a clear goal or set more goals than the campaign can achieve.

Here’s how to fix it: What does your brand want to achieve with influencer marketing? Is it brand visibility? Sales? Website visits? Setting a clear goal upfront defines the exact journey of the campaign. A clear strategy is crucial as it sets precedence for the next steps.

2. Not choosing the right influencers

Creators are more than just their follower count and engagement rate! They are a walking, talking, brand. There should be a connection between their brand language and yours. Their followers are going to be your target audience. If there is a disconnect in this phase, the campaign won’t fulfil the goals you have set.

Here’s how to fix it: While numbers are a good place to start, check out the creator’s overall content. Have a list of creators that you’re considering and figure out who would work best for your brand and goals. It would also be worth it to collaborate with a creator stack like galleri5, which makes creator selection seamless.

3. Not analysing the many metrics available

The numbers play a major role in any campaign. What was the engagement rate? View rate? Play rate? All of these numbers need to be measured adequately. However, many marketers fail to analyse the message these statistics are trying to convey.

Here’s how to fix it: It is necessary to ask questions to find out what the numbers mean. Was there something wrong with the content, influencer selection, campaign goals, or anything else? It is important to ask positive questions too! What went right with the campaign? How can this be implemented in other campaigns as well? Analysing the numbers is key to learning what works best for your brand. With galleri5, you receive an insightful report from our powerful dashboard, prompting you to make better decisions!

4. Not planning ahead

“By failing to plan, you are planning to fail”. This is a very famous quote because it speaks the truth. This ties back to the first point as well! Setting a goal is the first phase. Hashing out the other details entails the rest of the planning process.

Here’s how to fix it: The obvious answer is to plan, but the real answer is to stay organised throughout. Having the details mapped out of everything that is needed from start to finish: goals, influencer plan, content plan, content schedule, and constantly checking how the campaign is performing is key to success!

5. Too much or too less creative freedom!

An influencer brief is one of the most important documents. It quite literally makes or breaks the campaign! It is the bridge between what the brand wants and what the creator delivers. Giving the creators too many guidelines to follow can be restrictive or giving them no directions at all can lead to confusion.

Here’s how to fix it: Find a middle ground. It is hard to determine it, however, clearly defined goals and a general direction are crucial. Mention what is mandatory and leave the rest to the influencer. After all, they are the creators and their creativity needs to flow through seamlessly! This also helps you give an “Organic” touch to the content which increases relatability and in turn helps boost the numbers.

Final thoughts:

Influencer marketing has its own path, just as other types of marketing do. It certainly isn’t impossible and with the right tools, you can truly help your brand scale to greater heights! galleri5 creator stack is one platform with multiple features that can not just get you started but is also equipped to provide the creator solutions your brand requires. Plan, execute, and exceed your business goals no matter what the use case is!

Namitha Bogadi (
Content Specialist