October 21, 2022

5 Mom Creators Who are Revolutionizing Motherhood Online!

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When a woman becomes a mother, she transforms into a symbol of sacrifice and perfection. There is little room for error and she is expected to put the needs of her kids before her own desires and expectations in life. Well, this age-old notion of motherhood is changing thanks to a host of mom influencers on Instagram and YouTube who are normalizing the challenges a mother faces on a day-to-day basis. So, without further ado let's talk about the 5 top mom influencers out there who are revolutionizing Motherhood. 

#1 Sameera Reddy 

Instagram Handle - reddysameera

Former Bollywood actress and now a full-time mother to two kids under eight, Sameera Reddy has been enthralling her followers with hilarious and relatable videos on Instagram and Facebook. She is also a propagator of body positivity and doesn't shy away from showing off that “mom bod” and refuses to hide her greys. 

In the age of social media where people are so obsessed about appearance and moms are literally struggling to bounce back to their pre-pregnancy bodies, it is refreshing to watch a mom influencer on Instagram be so accepting of her post-pregnancy body. 

She has also talked about her difficulties with “postpartum depression”. Although not a widely discussed topic, as per a study there is a high prevalence of postpartum depression among Indian mothers. For a public figure like herself coming out and talking about mental health is a big service to millions of mothers who are facing the same problem, but do not know how to deal with it. 

Her Instagram bio describes her as a “messy mama” which is far from the idea of perfection, that “motherhood” is conventionally associated with. She is truly an inspiration to a lot of new mothers. 

#2 Debina Bonnerjee 

Instagram Handle - debinabon

New mom and second-time mom-to-be, Debina Bonnerjee is a TV actor turned influencer who constantly uploads informative content about her journey with pregnancy, infertility and motherhood. 

Earlier this year, she gave birth to her first child which she conceived through IVF and soon after was pregnant again. She has spoken candidly about her pregnancy journeys on her YouTube channel. Debina’s fans love her for her outspoken stance on IVF and pregnancy struggles. She talks about these taboo subjects with ease and has made her platform a safe space for more related discussions.

An inspiration to several women who are going through similar struggles, Debina is one of the finest mom influencers who is known for candid and informative content. 

# 3 Charu S Gujjal

Instagram Handle - themomsagas

Mother of twins from Bangalore, Charu is an educationist and a certified phonics trainer. This mom influencer on Instagram has over a thousand videos on the platform. A big proponent of positive parenting, her videos cover exciting topics like -

  • How to handle kids' tantrums in a toy store
  • The best ways to apologize to your kids and what not to say 
  • How to stop stressing over exam results
  • How to empower your child to cope with bullying
  • How I taught my kids to remember my phone number

Useful, practical and informative - these topics can be very beneficial for parents with young children. The world is changing around us and we need to relearn or unlearn parenting skills of the past. Thanks to new-age parents like Charu who are sharing their own experiences with new parents. 

#4 Yuvika Abrol

Instagram Handle - yuvi.says

Winner of Best Parenting Influencer 2021, Yuvika is an Instagram mom influencer with a sense of humour. She regularly posts hilarious videos on her Instagram page. Besides posting comedy sketches on her platform, she is also known to discuss serious topics like cyberbullying. 

Yuvika is also a founder of “Mumbai Mum Tribe”, a community for working women or women looking for work. A working mother who is fashionable, loves to travel, and showcases bonding with her child is indeed relatable and refreshing. 

#5 Chaavi Mittal 

Instagram Handle - chaavihussein 

Actress, entrepreneur and mom of two, Chaavi Mittal made headlines when she opened up about her breast cancer diagnosis earlier this year. Through her Instagram page, the social media star was outspoken about the disease she was diagnosed with and how she and her family reacted.  

Having survived the surgery and radiation, Chaavi is using her position as a television personality and social media influencer to spread cancer awareness. 

Her videos about fitness, motherhood, and kids are inspiring for any family who may be dealing with similar life circumstances. 

In conclusion

These mom influencers are inspiring millions of moms who are juggling several roles in their lives. Mommy influencers are a tribe of women who are baring it all to show the world that it's okay to make mistakes and that highs and lows are part of life, being vulnerable is not a sign of weakness. galleri5 creator stack helps brands collaborate with mom influencers who are a beacon of credibility and raw honesty, which can truly help amplify the brand messaging.

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