July 11, 2023

5 Rising Crypto Influencers in India

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Cryptocurrency is a digital asset, virtual money that can be used to make online transactions. It is built on blockchain technology which is privately owned and doesn't come under the purview of the government’s authority. 

However, in the 2022 budget, the Union government of India imposed 30% taxation on crypto profits, which led to a brief decline of 60-80% in trade on compliant Indian exchanges. On a brighter note, by bringing cryptocurrency in India under the tax net, the government's positions on crypto became clear. At least there was not going to be a blanket ban on this alternate exchange market, which was ongoing speculation since 2020. 

In fact,  The Reserve Bank of India has launched its own digital currency 

Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), which is at the pilot stage of its development and implementation. The primary motive behind this move is to protect users from the uncertainty of the crypto market and give them a secure and legal form of digital currency. 

Despite the uncertainty and speculation around cryptocurrency in India, the interest and enthusiasm for this decentralized system of transactions have not taken a beating. As per Statista report, revenue in the cryptocurrency market in India is projected to reach US$222.70 m by the end of 2023 and thereafter will grow at an annual growth rate of 9.83%.

People are constantly looking for ways to invest their money, and investing in cryptocurrency in India may seem like a profitable one. But the crypto landscape is constantly evolving and for an average person, understanding its complexities can be quite daunting.

This is where the role of crypto influencers becomes relevant. Crypto influencers are individuals who have gained significant influence and following within the cryptocurrency community through their expertise, knowledge sharing,  insights, and promotion of various influencer marketing campaigns dealing with cryptocurrencies and blockchain

In India, there are some rising crypto influencers who have a strong online presence and regularly update their audience with the latest information in the crypto market. 

# 1 Sapna Singh 

Sapna Singh is an author, software engineer, and crypto enthusiast. She has authored a book “The Basics of Crypto Market” which talks about the limitless potential of the crypto market. The book familiarizes readers with the crypto terminology, the technology behind it, and also its potential risks. It is a highly recommended book for those who want to build a profitable financial portfolio. 

Spana also runs a YouTube Channel by the name “Earn with Sapna” which has 283K subscribers and is also active on Instagram where she posts relevant information about the crypto space. 

# 2 Budhil Vyas 

Known to have a sharp acumen for cryptocurrency and trading, Budhil Vyas is one of the rising crypto influencers in India. He has also written a book on cryptocurrency titled “How to Trade in Crypto”. With a background in data science engineering, Budhil posts very relevant and interesting content on his YouTube channel and Instagram page around crypto trading, and crypto scams which an average person with no background in cryptocurrency can understand and take caution. 

# 3 Akshay Aggarwal 

Akshay Aggarwal is a crypto trader, an Altcoin investor, and an NFT lover. With 30.9K followers on Instagram, he is one of the rising crypto influencers who has worked with influencer marketing campaigns in the crypto space. 

# 4 Ali Solanki

Ali Solanki is a crypto enthusiast and blockchain developer who has been creating informative content around cryptocurrency in India for many years now. He is also a YouTuber and an emerging crypto influencer in the country today. 

His Youtube channel and Instagram page have great content on topics related to blockchain and crypto. He has also worked as a content strategist for CoinDCX, one of India's top crypto companies. 

#5 Pratik Shigli 

Pratik Shigli a  blockchain & defi enthusiast with avid experience in crypto and Web3 marketing. With a career in cryptocurrency in India spanning 3 years, he has helped various crypto products hit the market. Besides helping brands in influencer marketing, Praxis is also a crypto trader and understands the nitty-gritty of the market. His Instagram page offers a lot of information about the crypto and trading market which will be helpful for anyone who is looking to invest their money in crypto. 


Given the volatile nature of the crypto market, we need educators and crypto influencers who offer the bright and dark side of crypto. The influencers mentioned on this list cover both spectrums of cryptocurrency in India. These influencers can also help crypto businesses in India popularize their offering and crypto products amongst ordinary citizens.  As mentioned above, cryptocurrency has a lot of potential and can maximize earnings, however, it comes with a certain level of risk which must be discussed and imparted to the people. 

Thanks to crypto influencers in India, the bridge between actual facts and exaggerated offerings on crypto is being covered. 

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