January 13, 2023

5 Things for Creators to Consider When Saying Yes to a Brand

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Being a content creator is a full-time job. One has to constantly create content to keep the audience engaged. Right from conceptualizing, shooting, editing and finally posting the content, takes time and careful planning. However, when your followers praise you or you get more followers as a result of that content, the hard work finally pays off. 

Besides the applause and validation from the audience, receiving brand collaboration proposals is another perk of being a social media influencer. Although it is a very encouraging sign and brings with it monetary benefits, not all endorsement deals are the best or align with individual goals.  

Here is a quick guide to consider when a brand approaches you for a paid collaboration -

# 1 Is the brand or product relevant to your audience & ethos you propagate?

No matter how enticing a deal is, the collaboration must add value to your personal brand, and be true to your beliefs and your followers. For instance, if a fashion label has reached out to you for a brand collaboration and you are an advocate of size inclusivity, you may want to check with them if their clothing line offers inclusive sizing options for their customers. 

What has been their past marketing messaging? This is also important. A lot of clothing brands are known to promote vanity sizing or have people of a certain size grace their marketing materials. 

These findings about the brand will help you make an informed decision. You can also ask them questions such as - why have they picked you as their style is very different from your own? Based on their response, you can decide whether you want to work with them or not. 

Key takeaway - do your research about the brand, ask questions, and clear your doubts 

#2 How do they plan to use the content that you will be creating?

Brands can use the content created by social media influencers in various ways. It could go on their Instagram page or a hoarding, newspaper and even a magazine cover. The compensation can vary depending on how and where the marketing material will be used. 

For example, if a static picture is being used for an Instagram story, the image will disappear after 24 hours. However, if the same picture is used as a print advertisement or a billboarding hoarding, the scale gets bigger and you can negotiate the compensation accordingly.

So, it is always better to ask upfront, how the brand is planning to use the content you will be creating for them. 

Key takeaway - compensation structure will change depending upon the usage of the content 

# 3 Have a professional stance and negotiate fairly 

It is a common practice to sign a contract and NDA agreement before a brand starts working with an influencer. Most brands work with consultants or a team of professionals and lawyers who help them draft a legal agreement. However, social media influencers often operate alone and might be new to this experience. Before signing any agreement, pay attention to the following aspects of the agreement -

  • The terms of payment - is it in kind  (free products/service ) or a payment cheque
  • Reviews and edits - which should include terms of pre-approvals, reviews and the number of edits
  • Content usage - will the content be sole proprietary of the brand or do you also have rights over it? For example, can you use the content on your page? You may also want to know, for how long the content will be used on their website or marketing materials. The commercials for the campaign will accordingly change. 
  • Duration of the contract - you would also like to know for how long you will have to abide by the contract and during that duration if other brand collaborations can be accepted. 

These are the fine print of a contract that is often easy to miss. Therefore, it is very important to be professional right from the start. Make sure that the terms of the contract are fair to both parties. This will remove unnecessary confusion and disappointment. 

Key takeaway - read the fine print of the contract and don't shy away from discussing terms of the agreement you are not comfortable with 

#4 Evaluate the time and effort you will put into the campaign 

Most social media influencers are juggling many things at a time. You could be a full-time student, a working professional or have a family to take care of. While some collaborations are simple, others may be a bit demanding. 

This will depend upon various factors like the budget, scope and the kind of product you are expected to promote. Some brands are okay with you creating videos from home, others would want you to travel to another location and shoot the video. 

The time and effort required in both scenarios will be different. Therefore, commit to something that your schedule and daily life permits. 

Key takeaway - commit to what you can deliver in a timely and professional manner 

#5 Always have a portfolio or video about yourself ready 

As a content creator, you might already have various platforms where you post your work regularly, which is open for everyone to access. However, to come across as a serious and professional influencer, it is important to create a portfolio about yourself. The portfolio can include your personal story and snippets of your past work. 

If it is your first time working on a paid partnership, you can create a profile about yourself which details personal information about you, your passion, inspiration and your life's story. Brands often do their research before reaching out to an influencer for work. However, they may have missed out on your best work and by sharing your portfolio with them, you can showcase your talent as a creator. 

Key takeaway - self-promotion is a good thing 

Closing thoughts 

For social media influencers, receiving brand collaborations is a great opportunity to show their potential as a creator. One may also want to work with brands on a long-term basis which will ensure a regular inflow of work, monetary benefits and achieving many personal and professional goals as a creator. However, the partnership should be fair and pleasant for both parties. These recommendations can help one be more proactive, which will indeed result in positive growth. 

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Kamna Datt
Content Writer
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