June 30, 2023

6 Pro Tips for Small Businesses to Start Influencer Marketing

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Influencer marketing offers small businesses a cost-effective way to reach a targeted audience, build credibility, and increase brand awareness. As per a report, it is projected that there will be nearly 6 billion social media platform users worldwide by 2027. This means that going forward, brands are more likely to work with social media influencers to market and promote their business. 

By leveraging the influence and creative abilities of influencers, small businesses can effectively connect with potential customers and drive growth. However, in a competitive world and with budget constraints, how a business plan and executes the influencer marketing campaign matters a lot. 

There is an awful lot of work involved. From finding the right content creator for your brand to setting up the campaign goals, creating content pipelines for different social media platforms, and tracking the outcome of the campaign need careful attention and planning. 

And most importantly, you have to manage all these components of the campaign within the assigned budget, which is particularly true for most small business owners. 

Here are five pro tips for small businesses looking to start influencer marketing- 

Be clear on your Campaign goals

This is the most basic requirement to kick-start a successful influencer marketing campaign. What do you want to achieve from the campaign? What is your goal? -

- Do you want a boost in sales?

- Do you want brand awareness?

- Do you want to increase website traffic?

- Do you want to launch a new product/service through influencer seeding?

You need to have clear answers to these questions before you approach the social media influencer. Otherwise, you will need help setting expectations with the influencer. 

Approach the influencer in your niche

Does it make sense to reach out to vegan influencers, if you are selling a meat brand?

This example may sound extreme, however, as a small business with a modest budget, you need to save all your resources to hire influencers who are from your industry or niche. 

By doing so you are mostly likely to outreach the audience that matters to you. Therefore, as a small business owner, sticking to social media influencers from your niche will help you form an authentic connection with the target audience. 

Focus on micro-influencers

Consider collaborating with micro-influencers with a smaller, highly engaged, niche-specific audience. Typically, micro-influencers have a following of 10000-50000. 

Micro-influencers often have higher engagement rates and authentic connections with their followers.

Additionally, working with micro-influencers is often more cost-effective. Instead of spending all your money on one influencer, you can also divide between multiple influencers. 

In some cases, micro-influencers can also be compensated with free samples of the product or service in exchange for the promotion that they will do on their platform. 

Build an authentic relationship with the influencer

Share your vision about your company or product with the social media influencer. Show them how passionate you are about it. Sharing your true feelings with the influencer will help you form a connection with them, which will reflect in the content that they will eventually create. 

Also, try to work with influencers whose content aligns with your brand. Establish a genuine relationship with the influencer and allow them creative freedom to showcase your brand organically and authentically.

Track and measure results

Implement tracking mechanisms to measure the effectiveness of your influencer campaigns. Set up unique URLs, promo codes, or landing pages to track the traffic, conversions, and sales generated through each influencer. 

Analyze the data to assess the ROI and optimize future campaigns based on the insights gained.

Finally, collaborate beyond sponsored posts

While sponsored posts are common in influencer marketing, consider exploring other creative collaborations with influencers. This could include hosting joint online events, co-creating content, conducting giveaways, or inviting social media influencers to provide input on product development. 

These collaborations can deepen the connection between your brand and the influencer's audience.

Remember, the genuineness of the content is the most important thing. 

By focusing on authenticity, targeting the right influencers, and measuring the results, small businesses can leverage the power of influencer marketing to effectively reach their target audience and grow their brand.

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Kamna Datt
Content Writer
A content writer by profession, Kamna is an Influencer marketing enthusiast writing insightful articles about the space that will benefit brands and influencers alike!