January 5, 2023

7 Male Fashion Influencers Who will Shine in 2023

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If you thought fashion is a woman's turf, you need to think again. Men are making great strides in this department. The men folk have moved beyond the basic need for blue jeans and crisp white shirts. They are experimental and want bold choices when it comes to clothing. Here is a surprising fact about the male fashion industry.  As per a Vogue article, India’s menswear market stands at $26 billion and is much larger than womenswear. This segment is also expected to grow to a handsome $34 billion by the end of 2025. 

The massive growth in this sector can be attributed to the “Male Fashion Influencers” who are setting the bar of fashion high for the rest of their tribe. In the last few years, the male fashion influencer space has grown in leaps and bounds. Male influencers have a massive following as men across the board are getting more mindful of how they want to dress and style themselves. 

Fashion and apparel brands scouting for new talent must look into the following list of 7 male fashion influencers who are set to shine in 2023. 

#1 Usaamah Siddique

Celebrity stylist turned fashion influencer, Usaamah Siddique is a pretty known face on social media. Known to style Bollywood stars in the likes of Ranbir Kapoor and Varun Dhawan, he is also the founder of men's apparel brand Perlo Studios, previously known as Dapper Line. The fashion label encompasses unique styles and prints with flattering silhouettes yet gives out a comfy vibe.

His clothing line is donned by Bollywood celebrities and looked up to by his 100K followers on Instagram. Known for his easy and comfortable style, Usaamah is the poster boy of high-street fashion for men. 

#2 Amaan & Armaan a.k.a Soboguys

Identical twins and fashion enthusiasts, Amaan and Armaan are setting fashion goals on fire since 2017. The duo started their journey as casual bloggers, giving insight into their day to day lives and are now serious fashion influencers with 73.9K followers on Instagram. 

Short for South Bombay guys, they showcase unique styles from ethnic, upbeat, casual, and eclectic to formal. They have collaborated with big brands and have an interesting way of  presenting content that garners thousands of views and likes from their followers.

#3 Karron S Dhinggra

A lawyer by education, but a satirist with a passion for fashion and grooming, Karron Dhinggra is an ace social media influencer who keeps his audience enthralled with humour and a flair for fashion. 

Gifted with the natural talent for content presentation, Dhinggra covers very practical topics related to men's fashion like how to select a wedding outfit or what shoe mistakes to avoid. 

He is also one of the few male influencers who stress the importance of skincare and grooming for men. To put it simply, the content on his platform is very relatable and resonates with any young man who wants tips and tricks to look good. 

#4 Tejeshwar Sandhoo

One of the best-known men's fashion influencers in India, Tejeshwar Sandhoo had a rather turbulent childhood while coming to terms with his sexuality. Founding a new lease of life through fashion, he has developed a unique style which is very chic and contemporary. 

Giving men grooming and fashion tips, this social media influencer from Delhi has come a long way. To know more about his journey, especially his connection with the world of fashion, give this article from the Quint a read! 

#5 Allen Claudius 

A brand consultant and content creator, Allen Claudius is a sneaker enthusiast and a propagator of streetwear fashion. A visual storyteller, Claudius chronicles his travels and expeditions while showcasing fashion on his Instagram page. 

He is a sneakerhead with an envious collection which is a treat for the eyes of his 22.3 K followers. Claudius is one of the leading faces of this popular subculture, which is on the rise in India. 

#6 Shakti Singh Yadav

Winner of the Cosmopolitan Fashion Influencer award 2021-2022, Shakti Singh Yadav is a talented social media creator with a unique style of presenting content. The theme of his content is very relatable. 

He is a serious Instagram content creator who has a knack to keep his followers hooked to his content.  There is evident growth in the way he presents the content on his page. It has become bolder and more niche with time. 

#7 Param Sahib

A self-proclaimed maximalist, Param is a fashion influencer with an eclectic vibe. His Instagram page is vibrant and he doesn't shy away from making bold fashion choices. Whether it's blingy eyewear or a floral yellow jacket, he dons it with panache and style. 

Param Sahib Clothing is his brainchild where he creates designer wear inspired by his vibe. A scroll through this Instagram feed is a colourful treat to the eyes, much like his own page that his 55.3K followers enjoy!


The men on this list have owned the fashion world which is often inspired by their personal experience and taste. It is a welcome change to see men embracing fashion and moving beyond the comfort zone of looking and feeling basic. 

As pointed out earlier, the men's fashion industry has huge potential. Although many brands are incorporating the growing interest of men in fashion, there is still room for improvement. 

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