Generative AI: Influencer Marketing Made Simpler

There is no doubt about the fact that influencer marketing is the present and will be the future of digital marketing. However, how long will it continue in its present form is the question. With the improvement in AI technology, in particular generative AI, an overhaul in the influencer marketing ecosystem is almost inevitable. Going forward brands and influencers will rely on AI tools  for content creation. Generative Artificial Intelligence will become a huge part of how influencer marketing will be developed and executed.

Given the comfort and convenience that AI brings to the table, many professionals from the creative space are feeling threatened by the infiltration of AI in content creation. Will it deplete jobs for artists, photographers, creative stylists, video editors and so on? Will the real influencers get replaced by virtual influencers?  How will AI replace human creativity and mind?

Before we get to these questions, let's understand what Generative AI is.

What is Generative AI?

To put it in simple terms, Generative artificial intelligence (AI) delivers content to its user as per their command or instructions. The user can be anyone, from social media influencers to marketing professionals and advertisers can use AI for content creation.

From an influencer standpoint, it will allow creators to make unique and high-quality content for social media posts, vlogs and even help them draft video scripts. The technology can leverage past content, keyword input and brand guidelines to produce output that aligns with the influencers audience. Artificial intelligence will empower influencers to create content in a quick turn around time while ensuring a steady flow of content. High quality and frequent content are two important metrics for the growth and success of an influencer.

From a brand perspective as well, generative AI will raise the bar of influencer marketing.  It will be incremental in automating the entire process of influencer marketing. From finding the right influencer for the campaign to content management and measuring the success of the campaign, every process will be better and efficient.

At the same time, AI will also help brands deliver excellent customer service and improve customer experience by recommending very personalized products to their customers.

Here is a further breakdown of how generative AI will help Influencers and Brands -

Ways - Generative AI will help influencers

  • It possesses the ability to generate art or fashion photography that resembles real-life imagery in a chosen artistic style.
  • It can recommend trendy topics, influencers who are creating content around that trend and unique ideas to creators for content creation.

Created in-house by galleri5’s AI platform : Using neon as theme these image speaks of how unique and whimsical content can be created with prompt messaging
  • AI can offer great audience insight to influencers for increased engagement, such as optimal time to post etc.
  • High-production quality content available on finger tips, for influencers who have just started and have limited resources at hand.
Image Source : Image created with the help of galleri5’s AI generative tool of Nano influencer Mohammed Rizwan
  • Image and video editing will be a lot easier and automated with AI tools.
  • With the help of AI enabled translation tools, influencers can localize and translate their content for an international audience.
  • Will allow influencers to remain competitive in an ever-evolving influencer space.

Ways- Generative AI will help brands or businesses

  • With generative AI, brands can create high-quality content, including text, images and videos.
  • Can assist brands in product design, will help designers create multiple options of design in a quick turnaround time.
  • Generative AI can help in fraud detection, especially pertaining to influencer selection for a campaign as it can assess factors such as - engagement potential, brand alignment, and audience relevance.
  • The algorithm of generative AI can analyze the impact of influencer marketing campaigns by measuring factors such as -, engagement rate , conversion rate, and sentiment analysis.
  • It will offer  brands quantitative and qualitative insights into the effectiveness of their influencer collaborations, thus enabling them to make data-driven decisions for future campaigns.

Generative AI will be a Game Changer For Influencers and Brands Alike!

Makes Mundane Tasks Easy

Not every content creation requires deep drive creativity and originality. Some tasks are very mundane and operate on a set format. One such example is catalog creation for e-commerce or website listing. These tasks can be easily done through prompt messaging and machine learning. It will save both time and efforts on part of the brands and influencers. Images with the predefined inputs such as  outfit description, background and style can be created without having to invest excessive amounts of time and resources.

Best Way to Scale up Campaigns

With Generative AI, 1000s of images can be created without no time. Real and life-like images can be created on the go and scaling up an influencer campaign will become easy and cost-effective , without having to worry about the reshoots and the cost associated with it.

Ease Creative Pressure on Influencers/Brands

Social media platforms promote channels and pages that post content frequently. It is relevant for audience engagement as well as to get more followers or subscribers. Given this need, creators and marketers are under constant pressure to create regular content. This can be creatively draining. With Generative AI creators and brands can create very engaging, whimsical content which is in line with their campaign messaging, creative goals. Creators and brands will no longer feel the creative pressure to give their best all the time. In fact generative AI will be creatively liberating.

Create Visually Stunning Content With Limited Resources

This is the most empowering aspect of generative AI. It offers the ability to small creators and brands to create visually stunning and high value content without having to travel to exotic locations and big budgets. Most mega influencers have the backing and resources to create high production value content that small influencers, or someone who has just started will not have. They may be creative, but do not have the budget or access to tools to create high quality content. AI can empower all such creators.

Offers Endless Possibilities

Generative AI is limitless, however many have also cautioned against the endless possibilities that AI has to offer. If used, responsibly and ethically, AI used in content creation has endless possibilities. Any vision can be converted into an image or video with the use of the right set of keywords and prompts. From time traveling pictures to ethereal themes, AI has the power to create the most stunning images.  

Helps Create Blueprint For Projects

With AI, creative directors and content creators can generate the blue-print of actual campaigns. It will assist in storyboarding and help in developing campaign ideas. These Blue-prtints can also be used for presenting campaign ideas to the brands or higher management.  Even the creative teams like designers and editors can rely on the blue-prints to further improve  the concept or idea.

The Final Verdict

To get to the conclusion, let's address the 3 questions addressed at the start of this blog post -

Will generative AI deplete jobs for artists?

The short answer is no, however, artists will have to keep pace with the evolving space of AI and will have to rely on it to improve productivity and volume of work. Going forward, AI will assist  artists, stylists and photographers in their work and give them a competitive advantage.

Will the real influencers get replaced by virtual influencers?  

This is a tricky question as reports suggest that virtual influencers have a higher engagement rate when compared to human influencers. However, virtual influencers are not going to replace real influencers completely. And there is a very reasonable explanation for that. To begin with, influencer marketing is developed around the notion of reliability and authenticity.  At the moment, there is a lot of curiosity around virtual influencers and marketers may rely on them to create buzz around them. But eventually, we will have to rely on real-world influencers for authentic content creation.

How will AI replace human creativity and mind?

The answer to this is a simple one. Generative AI works with human input. Therefore, human creativity cannot be replaced. In fact, AI + human creativity will work in tandem and  help develop proof of concept and enhance productivity.

As an influencer marketing company, galleri5 has worked with several top brands and influencers. We not only understand the influencer marketing space, but also provide the right technological tools that can help brands +influencers launch very successful marketing campaigns. We are also abreast with emerging technologies, namely generative AI and have a dedicated team to assist brands explore the endless possibilities that it brings with it.

Kamna Datt
Content Writer
A content writer by profession, Kamna is an Influencer marketing enthusiast writing insightful articles about the space that will benefit brands and influencers alike!