July 27, 2023

How artificial intelligence (AI) is Disrupting Influencer Marketing

With the influencer economy exponentially growing, businesses and brands are leaning toward influencer marketing in a big way. As per an industry report, 93% of marketers used influencer marketing last year. This boom, however, has a flip side to it. The entire influencer marketing space has become quite cluttered. Brands struggle to find influencers that are genuine. Content streamlining and campaign optimization are other two things that come with their fair share of challenges for businesses. 

This is where the role of AI in influencer marketing has become so crucial. Going forwards, AI tools will assist campaign managers track every component of the campaign more productively. From influencer discovery to sentiment analysis, AI will disrupt the influencer marketing space by bringing in efficiency in the following areas - 

# 1 Generate Realistic Visual Content

Influencer marketing is a very dynamic field and sometimes content generation has to be fast and quick. AI can help brands create stunning and realistic visual content in a very short amount of time. Being beneficial to both the brands and the influencers in producing quality content without the logistic or materialistic expense, it also helps in generating the content in shorter deadlines. Here are some examples of AI-generated content that the galleri5 “influencer co-pilot” has generated using stable diffusion. Book a demo with us to learn more!

Influencer images with brand products generated by galleri5's Generative AI

# 2 Influencer Identification and Discovery

AI-powered influencer marketing tools will help in influencer discovery and analysis, which at the moment is one of the biggest pain points brands are facing today. Influencer analysis can be a very tedious process. The blue verification tick is not the sole criterion to identify influencer profiles that are authentic and align with the brand’s content and target audience. Brands need to dig in deeper. 

AI-powered tools can analyze vast amounts of data and identify potential influencers based on search criteria such as audience demographics, content relevance, and engagement rate. Interestingly, AI tools can also help detect fraud and suspicious activities which are quite prevalent these days. They analyze important metrics like follower growth patterns, bots or fake followers, purchased likes and comments, etc. Therefore, AI tools play an incremental part in ensuring that brands collaborate with authentic influencers across social media platforms. 

# 3 Relevance and Brand Fit

All algorithms are very advanced. They help brands determine the relevance of the content posted by the influencers. They analyze factors such as content topics, hashtags, and keywords and then suggest brands and influencers that will be relevant to their industry. 

# 4 Audience Insights 

Understanding the demographic of influencer followers is the key to the success of an influencer marketing campaign. AI-enabled tools for influencer marketing throw light on the characteristics and preferences of the influencer audience. The algorithm can help pick up audience demographics, interests, and user patterns. 

# 5 Streamlining Content

Content generation is a huge part of influencer marketing campaigns. AI tools play a huge part in streamlining content for influencer marketing. The entire process of content creation and management can be automated and optimized.  AI tools can also analyze the language and tone used by the influencers and their audience. This helps in sentiment analysis and tone differentiation. It can also provide feedback and suggestions to influencers so that improvement in content generation can be seen. 

# 6 Predictive Analysis

Predicting the success of a campaign in advance is hands down one of the biggest advantages of artificial intelligence in the influencer marketing domain. The AI algorithm analyzes the historical data and KPIs (key performance indicators) such as reach, impressions, and engagement rate and forecasts the plausible outcome of the campaign. For instance, an influencer with a very high follower count can generate a lower engagement rate, as opposed to a micro or nano influencer who may have a small follower count, but boast of higher engagement. 

The algorithm also helps predict actionable items which will help improve the success of the campaign. Predictive analysis can also determine the conversion rates and sales, consumer behavior, and predict the budget of the campaign beforehand. By leveraging historical data, predictive analysis empowers brands to make data-driven decisions, set realistic campaign goals, and optimize, strategize, and maximize the output of the influencer campaign. 

# 7 Sentiment analysis 

Now brands can exactly know how the target audience has received an influencer marketing campaign. AI tools help in conducting a sentiment analysis, of emotions expressed throughout the campaign. Did the campaign receive positive or negative feedback? Understanding the emotional tone of the audience is important to adjust the future course of the campaign. It is a scientific approach to understanding audience feedback, rather than guessing the outcome of the campaign. 

With the help of AI technologies brands and influencers can strengthen the success of an influencer campaign. AI helps in influencer analysis, content generation, and performance tracking. With the assistance of AI tools in influencer marketing, managing large campaigns is becoming easier and more efficient. 

galleri5 is a technology-driven influencer marketing campaign that relies on AI technologies and tools to deliver optimum campaign results. We have a proven track record of working with several well-known brands and influencers across the board. For more details, book a demo today!

Kamna Datt
Content Writer
A content writer by profession, Kamna is an Influencer marketing enthusiast writing insightful articles about the space that will benefit brands and influencers alike!