August 1, 2023

How Artificial Intelligence is Reshaping Fashion Marketing Campaigns

The use of AI in organizations and businesses for marketing campaigns has almost doubled. AI is being used by businesses in various capacities. Some organizations are using AI to improve the productivity of their workforce, others are relying on it to enhance customer experience or improve their marketing effectiveness. The fashion industry in particular has been quite proactive in adopting AI at various levels. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the fashion industry across various fronts.

It is re-shaping design processes, enabling personalized recommendation, facilitating virtual try-ons and  more importantly improving the outcome of fashion marketing campaigns. This is particularly true in the case of influencer marketing. To begin with, AI powered influencer marketing is not a new phenomenon, however, with Generative AI, the scope of fashion marketing has gone to a whole new level.

The Creative Boost of Generative AI

One of the biggest challenges of influencer marketing today is the constant flow of content on social media platforms such as Instagram. From still photographs to video posts and reels, the social media algorithm demands continuous posting of content for the channel or platform to garner new followers and growth. This puts a lot of creative pressure on brands and influencers to churn high-quality content on a regular basis. With generative AI, the task of generating new content can be a lot faster as well as easier. This is because generative AI works on the principles of machine learning. By using a specific set of keywords , text prompts and images, the AI tool can be trained to produce real-like images and content within no time.

This content can be used for various purposes. Some use cases how AI can be used in influencer marketing

Generative AI images for Influencer marketing campaigns-  Typically, influencers are briefed by the brands about the kind of content they are looking for a specific influencer marketing campaign. A lot of back and forth communication is involved in such cases and the content approval can take up a lot of time. With the text prompt feature of generative AI, brands can create real-life images with any background or location very quickly. They can use a virtual influencer or NFT avatar of any creator for their choice. In the case of NFT avatar, the brand will have to get into a pre-agreement with the content creator.

Generative AI images for promotions on Social media - Besides, influencer campaigns, fashion brands regularly post content on their social media channels. It could be static images or even video content. Tools like Stable Diffusion, Bing can seamlessly help fashion brands create static images very quickly. With sufficient training, the tool can create images where the virtual models can be made to wear clothes from the brands newest collection or clothing line. It is a great way to create marketing content for social media and catalog with minimal cost and effort.

Assistance in Influencer Discovery

For a successful influencer marketing campaign, working with the right set of influencers is so important. However, the vetting process to find suitable influencers can be time consuming. Brands now want to deep dive into influencer profiles. Besides the obvious metrics like influencer follower count and genre, brands also want to know the engagement rate of the influencer.

Most influencer marketing metrics have proven that high follower count does not guarantee higher engagement rate. Therefore, brands now want to work with a wide range of influencers. This makes the vetting process very tricky. With the help of AI, brands can do a better job at identifying influencers as it can help them detect fake engagement rates or any kind of fraudulent activity associated with the creator.

Foreacting Latest Styles and Trends

By leveraging AI capabilities in influencer marketing or otherwise, fashion brands can stay agile, meet consumer demands, and gain a competitive advantage in the fast-paced and ever-changing world of fashion. AI algorithms can analyze vast amounts of data from various sources, such as social media, fashion blogs, runway shows, and historical sales data. By extracting patterns and trends from this data, AI can identify emerging fashion styles and predict future trends. Based on these findings, brands can not only recommend the latest trends to their customers, but also develop marketing content that showcases new styles.

Final Thoughts - AI + Human Mind : The Future of Influencer Marketing

With AI, managing and executing influencer marketing campaigns will be efficient and structured. But experts have also highlighted the shortcomings of excessive dependence on AI. This needs to be addressed. For instance, AI’s capability to forecast fashion trends to brands is said to limit creativity. Brands will only cater to those trends and hesitate to experiment or explore outside the box. Therefore, brands will have to maintain a conscious balance. Essentially, the role of AI in influencer marketing should be to minimize human effort on mundane tasks so that professional resources can focus on things which only the human mind is capable of.

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Kamna Datt
Content Writer
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