January 8, 2024

How to make Affiliate Campaigns Easy with galleri5

In 2024, affiliate marketing is poised to play a significant role within the influencer marketing ecosystem. As we witness the ever-growing importance of influencer marketing in the advertising domain, it's clear that major brands are actively engaging with influencers. However, this collaborative effort often demands substantial resources. Businesses find themselves allocating dedicated resources to manage campaigns and coordinate with influencers, involving extensive back-and-forth communication and logistical coordination.

Moreover, the intricacies extend to the need for meticulous tracking of individual influencer performance and the overall effectiveness of the influencer marketing campaign. As we navigate these challenges, it becomes apparent that influencer marketing, especially when led by mega or celebrity influencers, requires substantial financial investments. Owing to this, several small and medium sized companies struggle to compete in the influencer marketing arena, facing budget constraints that limit their ability to engage with mega or celebrity influencers and participate in the high-stakes financial investments associated with such collaborations.

It is because it is relatively easier to establish cost-effective and authentic partnerships with micro and nano influencers, who offer a more personalized approach to marketing while fitting within the budget constraints of smaller businesses. Another approach to tackle budget constraint is to tap the potential of influencer affiliate marketing.

What is Influencer Affiliate Marketing ?

Influencer Affiliate Marketing is a collaboration between influencers and brands where influencers promote a product or service and earn a commission on the sales or actions generated through their unique affiliate links. In this model, influencers act as affiliates, leveraging their online presence and audience to drive traffic and conversions for the brand's products or services.

The influencers receive a commission for each sale, click, or other predefined action attributed to their promotional efforts. This form of marketing aligns the incentives of influencers and brands, as influencers are rewarded based on their actual impact on the brand's objectives. It is a performance-based strategy that has gained popularity for its effectiveness in driving sales and achieving measurable results.

Affiliate marketing is not a new concept, however, many brands and influencers often struggle to get started with it. Understanding this gap, galleri5 has created an Affiliate app for content creators and brands to kickstart affiliate marketing campaigns without any fanfare.

The app aims to mutually benefit brands and creators who want to amplify their sales and earnings respectively.  Here is a quick breakdown of how galleri5’s affiliate app will help brands and content creators.

How Brands Will Benefit from galleri5’s Affiliate Marketing App

Quick & Easy Setup - The galleri5 affiliate marketing app allows brands to quickly step up an affiliate program for the creators. Thanks to an intuitive interface, setting up affiliate links is very easy which can be easily integrated into the content of the influencer.

Less Start-up Fees - This is a big win for small and medium sized companies as they can sign up for an affiliate program with a budget of as low as 50,000.

Eliminate Financial Risk - Advertisers can set and control their budgets effectively in affiliate marketing. By defining commission structures and payout terms in advance, advertisers can predict the cost of the affiliate marketing campaign. This control over budgets helps mitigate financial uncertainties.

AI-Driven Content Generation - This stands out as a key feature of the application. The app harnesses the power of AI to assist brands in crafting promotional content for their affiliate links. Leveraging AI, the app seamlessly transfers clothing items from the catalog to the creator within minutes. This not only enhances the interactivity of content for affiliate links but also minimizes the logistical complexities associated with shipping actual products or merchandise to the creator.

How Can Creators Benefit from galleri5’s Affiliate Marketing App

Easy Sign-up Process - The signup process with galleri5’s affiliate marketing app is very easy. Creators/influencers can sign up with their phone numbers and fill a simple form and get started with an affiliate program.

Easy Link Integration- The link can be easily integrated with their content and it is very easy to share on platforms such as Instagram.

AI- Driven Content Generation - Thanks to the clothing transfer feature of the app, content creators can use it to create product images with relative ease. They do not have to spend time sourcing the product or taking dedicated pictures with it.

Good Source of Earning - With galleri’s affiliate marketing App, creators can start earning as soon as they sign up on the app and create an affiliate link. It is a great source to amplify one's earning.

Easy Access to Commission - The money earned as commission can be easily transferred to the creators bank account.


The ultimate objective of Galleri's Affiliate App is to foster mutual benefits for both brands and creators. The app is designed to streamline influencer affiliate marketing programs, providing a user-friendly platform for both parties to enhance their sales and earnings.

In light of the competitive and complex landscape of influencer marketing, an increasing number of brands are expected to transition towards affiliate marketing. This shift is driven by the assurance it offers as a safety net, effectively minimizing financial risks associated with marketing endeavors. For more information about the app and its usage, contact our business team today!

Kamna Datt
Content Writer
A content writer by profession, Kamna is an Influencer marketing enthusiast writing insightful articles about the space that will benefit brands and influencers alike!