August 28, 2023

Instagram Threads : What it Means for Influencer Marketing?

Getting over 100 million users in just five days, Instagram Threads is one of the fastest growing social media platforms in the history of the internet. Launched in July this year, Threads in many ways is similar to microblogging site Twitter where users can post and share text up to 500 characters long and can also include links and videos up to 5 minutes in length. Although still at a very nascent stage of its usage and features (the meta team is still working to make Threads into an open interoperable social network), it is being regarded as the future of influencer marketing. While Instagram focuses more on visual content, Threads is a text based conversation starter. 

Threads offers its users to start a conversation in real-time and allows users to share it. The platform also prioritizes open public communication rather than a private one. These features of Threads makes it a formidable influencer marketing campaign platform that brands can explore. The attempt of this write-up is to understand the potential of Instagram Threads for influencer marketing and how it will impact the creator economy and brand marketing.

What is Means for the Brands -

Revival of Text Based Content - With the growing popularity of platforms like Instagram or tiktok, visual content went to a whole new level and in many ways text based content took a beating. However, with Threads, text based content has once again come in the limelight. It is a great way to start a conversation and brands can rely on text based communication to impart information about their products and services. Brands will now have to identify influencers who have the knack to create enthralling text-based content for their influencer marketing campaigns. 

Rise in Organic Brand Content - Currently, direct advertising on Threads is not available. The branded content tool on instagram, which enables brands to add paid partnership disclaimer to their content is absent from Threads. Although, there is a speculation that in the future this might change. As a result, a number of brands have joined Thread and have started posting organic content to gain visibility. What about the scope of sponsored content? Can brands initiate sponsored content or influencer marketing campaigns on Threads? The answer is yes. Brands will have to disclose paid sponsorship to the users in the form of text communication or hashtags. 

A Safe Environment for Brand Promotion - The CEO of Instagram, Adam Mosseri in a statement has indicated that Threads is not a platform for politics and news. As it brings it with excessive scrutiny and negativity and risks the app’s integrity. The idea is to make Thread a platform for communities and conversation and provide a safe environment for businesses to promote their labels or brands. 

What it Means for the Creators -

Will have to get used to Text-based communication - While Instagram makes it easier for creators to share their thoughts and content in the form of video, in the case of Threads, creators or social media influencers will have to rely on text based communication. Creators will have to hone their writing skills. Although Threads allows creators to add videos, images and links, the crux of the platform is text-based communication. Therefore, creators will have to get used to text-based communication on this new social media platform.  Threads is definitely a value addition to the growing creators economy across the globe

Will help nature meaningful relationships with the followers - Threads offers creators and influencers a unique opportunity to connect with their followers in a more intimate and personalized fashion. The app allows creators to start an exclusive thread for a select few followers so that they can engage in a more meaningful way. It also allows creators to share exclusive content with their followers. 

The Threads badge informs the creator's followers that they are on the platform , thus making it easier for followers to follow their favorite influencers on Threads. Since, at the moment, a user's presence on Instagram is mandatory to start on Threads, the transition from one platform to another is very smooth. 

Threads Potential as an Influencer Marketing Platform-

Great for gathering user insight - Since Instagram’s Threads allows users to have a more personalized interaction with the influencers, getting user insight will not be just easier, but also more authentic. Both brands and influencers can benefit from this feature for their influencer marketing campaigns. 

Compatibility with Other apps - In a statement, Meta, the parent company of Instagram and Thread has announced that it is working towards making Thread compatible with ActivityPub, an open decentralized social networking protocol that allows users to control their content and followers. For example, platforms like Facebook and Twitter have a very centralized way of working. They do not allow users to carry their content or followers to other social media platforms. However, any app adhering to ActivityPub protocol allows their users to take their content to other platforms. By doing so, both brands and creators will have the option to reach out to a wider audience base, which is so important for a successful influencer marketing campaign. 

Final words -

Instagram’s Threads may have made history as being one of the fastest growing social media platforms, however,  after initial enthusiasm, the signs up have reduced and so has the user time spent on the platform. Also, since the platform is still a work in progress, what value proposition it brings with it only time can tell. But at the same time, early adopters (both creators and businesses of the platform will have the expertise to fully realize the potential of the platform. 

galleri5 is a technology company in the domain of influencer marketing that is also excited to embrace new technologies and platforms. We are excited about the prospect of Threads in the purview of influencer marketing and can guide brands how to successfully use Instagram Threads for Influencer marketing. For more information, book a demo today!