November 6, 2023

Just Looking Like a Wow : What is this Instagram seller Doing Right to Become Viral

“So Elegant, So Beautiful, Just Looking Like a WOW” - is one of the most trending reels on Instagram in the last few days. Those who don't know it already, this catchphrase was made popular by Instagram live commerce seller Jasmeen Kaur on her instapage designmachinesuitslive. From Bollywood stars like Deepika Padukone and Bhumi Pednekar to Hollywood celebrities like Nick Jonas, many celebrities and social media influencers  have been using this catchphrase in their own Instagram posts and stories, contributing to this viral trend.  

However, this is merely one facet of the viral sensation. In this article, we aim to delve into the business aspect of this trend. We'll explore what strategies and elements that have contributed to Jasmeen Kaur's Instagram live commerce videos going viral and what sets her apart in the competitive world of online commerce.

Uninhibited Selling

A crucial aspect of Jasmeen's videos is her distinct and unrestrained selling approach. In order to sell on Instagram, a seller must showcase their unique selling style, captivating their audience with compelling content. Jasmeen has masterfully unlocked the secret to this formula.

Live commerce offers a unique chance to interact with one's audience in real time. The seller can answer questions, provide demonstrations, give suggestions and build a more personal connection with potential customers. It's a powerful way to humanize one's brand and establish trust.

On all these fronts, Jasmeen has done a fabulous job. Her unique and uninhibited style of selling has captured the  attention of her audience but has also paved the way for future opportunities, especially in the realm of Instagram affiliate marketing. As seen in the video, she sells women ethnic wear on her Insta page making her an attractive collaborator for fashion labels specializing in women's clothing. She is already collaborating with content creators and could very well be picked for influencer marketing campaigns by clothing brands in the future.

Excellent Showmanship

Another distinguishing characteristic of her videos is her method of presenting the products. In nearly every video, she takes the initiative to personally model the clothing items during the live session, allowing customers to envision themselves wearing the pieces. Additionally, she skillfully showcases the same product in various colors, which is a highly effective and engaging strategy.

If someone wants to know how to sell on Instagram, they can take key tips from Jasmeen's videos. For  Instagram live commerce, honing the craft of showmanship can be the key to successful selling. Jasmeen excels at spotlighting products and providing detailed information about sizing, colors, who should buy, and ideal occasions for purchase. These attributes of exceptional showmanship have set her selling technique apart as a unique and distinctive approach.

Offering Size Inclusive Clothing

Jasmeen is a smart entrepreneur and knows the relevance of including size inclusive in her offering. By offering size-inclusive options, she has expanded customer base. Jasmeen is catering to a broader range of customers, thus increasing the market potential and reach.

There is a growing demand for size-inclusive clothing. She offers clothing in sizes up to 6XL, demonstrating her commitment to providing options for a diverse range of body types and ensuring inclusivity in her offerings.As more individuals seek brands that cater to a variety of body types, businesses that meet this demand are better positioned for success.

Reimagining Colours -

We've kept the most compelling reason for the virality of Jasmeen's videos for last: her remarkable talent for reimagining colors in a uniquely captivating manner. Her descriptions, such as comparing yellow to "ladoo peela," brown to "mouse color," and pink to "kaleji color," are not only entertaining but also irresistibly engaging.

The audience loves her content and wants to see her video again and again. Jasmeen has very smartly combined entertainment with business and has a great future in the world of Instagram affiliate marketing.


This marks a remarkable instance where Instagram live commerce content has achieved unprecedented virality. Jasmeen's success serves as a valuable lesson for upcoming entrepreneurs and content creators aiming to excel or looking to sell on instagram.

Jasmeen's success serves as a liberating force, particularly for women seeking to re-start their careers or embark on their entrepreneurial journey. Instagram live commerce presents a significant opportunity for those eager to explore new streams of income  or achieve their business aspirations.

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