February 21, 2023

Money Matters: 5 FinInfluncers You Need to Start Following Now

Fininfluncers are a new genre of influencers who are sharing their knowledge with the world in all matters related to financial prudence. Financial literacy has become a very important aspect of modern life. After all, it has a direct and material impact on an individual’s life and their ability to budget their living, invest in a home, save money for the education of their kids, and have a pension to lead a comfortable retired life.  

There was a time when people turned to their friends or elders in the family for sound financial advice. Often those people were not necessarily experts in the field. At the same time, not everyone had access to information or understood the relevance of financial literacy. However, in the age of the internet all that has changed.  

Today, there is a fleet of fintech influencers who are teaching ordinary people how to make smart investments which include – the stock market, trading, mutual funds, and personal finance. Most of these influencers have millions of followers on platforms like YouTube and Instagram.  

Owing to the massive following the fintech influencers have earned in the last few years, SEBI, the market regulatory body of India is working to issue guidelines so that there is greater accountability with respect to the information shared by them. Any content on the internet that deals with personal finance or money is a very sensitive subject.  

For those looking for genuine and good financial advice on social media platforms, look no further than the following 5 fintech influencers who are earning praises from their followers for their informative content - 

#1 Ankur Warikoo 

With 2.69 million subscribers on YouTube and 2.1 million followers on Instagram, Ankur Warikoo is a fintech influencer with rising fame. Although former CEO of Groupon India and co-founder and CEO of nearbuy, he was a fairly unknown name outside the business circle. However, today he has captured the attention of young India as a YouTuber. He is one of the most popular fintech influencers whose videos have received millions of views. Warikoo covers very interesting topics that resonate quite well with the young and working professionals of the country.  

His videos are mostly in Hinglish for wider reach and he covers interesting topics like how to pay a 25 years loan in 10 years or how to retire before the age of 30. He majorly emphasizes on financial freedom which is a dream most ordinary people aspire for. A celebrity in his own right, Ankur Warikoo has some very interesting and informative videos on his YouTube channel.  

#2 Rachana Ranade

A CA by profession, Rachana Ranade is a financial guru who offers stock market and money management courses through her website. She also runs a YouTube channel that boasts 4.3 million subscribers. Her videos promote and empower ordinary people to understand financial literacy.  

Her work has been covered by major financial news outlets such as Economic Times, Business Today, and the Mint. For an average person, financial know-how can be a very complex matter. Her videos break down the complex stock exchange or personal finance jargon in a very simple language that has made her a popular fintech influencer across social media platforms.  

#3 Pranjal Kamra

With over 5 million subscribers on YouTube, Pranjal Kamra is another fintech influencer who is making big strides with his work. From breaking down the Union budget for the common man to understand to explaining the complex world of the stock market to laymen, Kamra’s video has been helping novice investors and financial help seekers since 2018. 

He is also the CEO of Finology, a company that covers all aspects of personal finance from teaching ordinary people how to grow their money and making smart stock market decisions.  

As a seasoned financial advisor and investor, he has also authored books about the Stock market which are available in both Hindi and English languages.

#4 Neha Nagar 

Another rising influencer in the Fintech world is Neha Nagar. With 377K subscribers on Youtube, Neha has a very interesting personal journey which started with a brief stint in acting to becoming a successful fininfluncer.  

She has also appeared in several Josh Talks videos and is also the co-founder of TaxationHelp, a technology-driven company that assists start-ups with all the legal services required to set up a business.  

Her videos on her YouTube channels have received thousands of views and are inspiring people every day to learn and understand the nitty-gritty of personal finance and asset management.  

#5 Mukul Malik 

Mukul Malik or Asset Yogi is yet another fintech influencer who is a well-known and widely followed face in the space. With over 3.5 million subscribers on YouTube Malik holds an MBA degree with a passion to spread financial literacy amongst the masses.  

He is a very credible name in the fininfluncer space and has been posting videos about money management and investment on his Youtube channel Asset Yogi since 2017. His growth on the platform is a testament of the fact that people want to learn about money and want sound investment advice.  

Concluding Thoughts  

The pandemic was a wake-up call for a lot of people. It has been noticed that the uncertainty of the time has made people more inclined toward financial literacy. As a result, many fininfluncers have seen massive growth in the subscriber and follower count. Financial literacy is a very important aspect of life and people need to learn about asset management and varied income sources to secure their future. 

Most business news channels on television talk about the ongoing market trends that an average person doesn’t understand. The focus is less on financial education, a gap that fintech influencers are bridging. The influencers on this list and many more are doing a fabulous job by sharing their thoughts on complex topics like public policies, the stock market, money management, and asset growth.  

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