July 5, 2023

Overcoming Common Challenges in Influencer Marketing Campaigns

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As per hubspot report, nearly 72% of GenZ and Millennials follow social media influencers.  Therefore, it is not surprising that 1 in every 4 marketers is currently leveraging social media marketing. There is no doubt that social media marketing is the need of the hour, however, some advertisers may complain that they did not get the desired results from the campaign. Some common challenges that advertisements face in the purview of influencers marketing can be broadly classified under the following five headings -

  • We hired the wrong influencer for the job
  • The expenditure exceeded the budget of the campaign 
  • The content of the campaign was not up to the mark
  • Failing to build a long-term relationship with the influencer 

Let's tackle each of these  pain points individually and find solutions to them- 

Challenge #1 - We Hired the Wrong Influencer for the Job

In the age of social media, an influencer is nothing short of a celebrity. In fact, in some cases, the excitement or curiosity around an influencer may supersede that of a celebrity. However, not all influencers who are famous or post great content are the best fit for your business.

The best way to start with influencer marketing is to look for influencers within your own industry domain. For example, if you are a SaaS company, looking to kick-start an influencer marketing campaign, it's advised to pick up influencers who post content related to technology and software.  However, the search for a perfect influencer does not end there. There are more layers to the job. Here are some key metrics you need to pay attention to -

  • Does the influencer feel excited about your product or service? This is the most fundamental question you need to ask yourself as an advertising professional. Celebrity endorsements have taken a beating recently because consumers have lost connection with them. The end consumer wants to hear the verdict or review of the product from people who are most likely to use it themselves. Therefore, when you reach out to an influencer for a collaboration, check -How excited they feel about your product/service? What set of questions do they ask you? What feedback do they share with you about the product/service?
  • Do they have the right numbers to translate into engagement or sales? There is no doubt that most social media influencers rate high on creativity, however, their numbers should be equally impressive. In influencer marketing, numbers are more than just the follower count. Some important metrics that you should know beforehand are - the average engagement rate of the follower, the ratio of active versus inactive followers, the average view per content, etc. 
  • Does their content resonate with the audience/followers? How many likes, shares, and genuine comments the influencer gets on his/her post? These are some important things to look out for when hiring an influencer for a campaign. 

If you have done your homework around the above three points, you will find an influencer that fits your bill. These suggestions may sound a lot of hard work, but they will pay off at the end of the campaign. 

Challenge # 2 - The Expenditure has Exceeded the Campaign Budget

If not planned well, the influencer marketing budget can go out of hand. Whether you are a small company on a tight budget or a big enterprise with deep pockets, the campaign budget should not exceed the estimated figure. Here are the things you need to follow to keep your campaign budget in check -

  • Does your campaign really need to have a high production value to create content? Sometimes, simple videos creatively created can have a higher impact
  • Does your campaign need a mega influencer? Well, it really depends, however, mid-tier influencers with a modest following can work for a campaign. They sometimes have a higher engagement rate than celebrities or big influencers. 
  • How are you looking to compensate the influencer? Besides monetary transactions, there are other ways to compensate social media influencers. For instance-  gifting, performance-based settlement based on the number of likes, clicks, and shares. Affiliate marketing is yet another compensation model that will not exceed the budget of the campaign. 
Challenge # 3 The Campaign Content was not Up to the Mark

Compelling storytelling is the mainstay of content in influencer marketing. It should be seamless, yet structured and resonate with the audience. At the same time, the core value prospect of your brand should be clearly visible. As an advertiser, especially in the domain of influencer marketing, you need to pay attention to the following aspects of content creation 

  • Have you asserted too much creative control? You need to remember that influencers have a certain style of presenting content that is appreciated by their followers or audience. If you assert too much creative control, the content will not be as good. Therefore, give the creator the creative freedom to churn out high-quality content. 
  • Have you successfully communicated with the creator? This is very vital for creating good content for the campaign. It is important that the content creator is made aware of the features of the products or services, including the fine print. You need to have clear communication with the creator via personal meeting, email, or call. There should not be any form of miscommunication or over-promise. 
  • Have you given your feedback on the content? This is particularly important if you are working with multiple creators at a time. Please make sure that you share constructive and reasonable feedback in a quick turnaround time. Taking time to share the feedback can affect the quality of the final product as the influencer may lose interest. 

To put it simply, the content should be a healthy mix of the creator's own style and the message that the brands want to impart to the audience. 

Challenge # 4 Failing to Build a Relationship with the Influencer

Influencer marketing is an ongoing strategy. Competition is stiff and your competitor is watching your influencer strategy. In the wake of this, you will need to create a network of influencers who will be willing to work with you in the future. Even after the end of the campaign, it is therefore imperative to maintain open communication with them. Here are some ways to go about it -

  • Acknowledge the effort and contribution of the influencer to the campaign
  • Send them gifts or an appreciation note
  • Interact with influencers beyond campaign collaborations. Engage with their content, share their posts, and comment on their work.
  • Share product updates and ask them to share their reviews
  • Share samples of the products 
  • Share valuable feedback to improve future collaborations

Ensuring a strong fit between your brand and influencers is crucial for successful campaigns. Thoroughly research and evaluate potential influencers to assess their content quality, values, and audience demographics. Look beyond just follower count and prioritize influencers whose audience aligns with your target market. Build relationships with influencers who are genuinely interested in your brand and can authentically advocate for your products or services.

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