January 12, 2024

Role of AI in content generation for Affiliate Marketing

The world of digital marketing is getting more sophisticated with time. The surge in internet technology has empowered advertisers to effectively promote and showcase their products. Marketers now enjoy a broader reach, spanning both local and global audiences. Marketing efforts are increasingly data-driven, enabling meticulous tracking of return on investment (ROI). Significantly, the internet has leveled the playing field, offering equal opportunities for both large and small brands to compete on a global scale.

As discussed in one of our previous blogs, the year 2024 will witness a growth in affiliate marketing wherein more and more brands would prefer to market their product and service through affiliate links. In fact, influencer marketing would route through affiliate marketing, especially when it comes to micro and nano influencers.

What is also worth noting is a growing reliance on AI generated influencer content and how it will impact instagram affiliate marketing and influencer marketing in general.

The primary focus of this article is to understand the scope and use of AI content generation and how it will impact affiliate marketing endevaours in the future.However before we take this discussion further, let's understand - What is AI generated influencer content?

What is AI generated influencer content?

AI-generated influencer content refers to content created by artificial intelligence systems to emulate the style, tone, and characteristics of content made with human efforts. The content can include various forms of media, such as text, images, and even videos, designed to resonate with specific target audiences.

With the help of AI, influencers can create  images and graphics that are virtually stunning that follow a particular theme or guideline.

This may involve creating images for specific campaigns or prompting fashion ensembles inspired by trending clothing styles.

How Will AI generated content can impact Affiliate marketing ?

Affiliate marketing is a very affordable and ROI centric approach to marketing. It follows a performance based compensation model where affiliates or content creators are paid for the sales made through the affiliate links. This is probably the main reason why many small business owners are now swiftly turning to affiliate marketing for promotion and sales of their products and services.

The success of affiliate marketing campaigns hinges on various factors, with content playing a pivotal role. Visually appealing content enhances the value proposition of affiliate marketing efforts. However, content creation can be a resource-intensive and costly undertaking, especially in industries like fashion.

While major brands possess the financial means and logistical capabilities to orchestrate fashion shoots for marketing and influencer content creation, the same cannot be said for smaller or independently owned fashion labels. In recent years, numerous emerging fashion brands and entrepreneurs have established modest, homegrown labels, however, they lack the resources to compete on the same scale as larger counterparts. There is where AI can help and bridge this gap. Here’s how -

Clothing Transfer Features of Galleri’s Affiliate Marketing App

galleri5’s affiliate marketing app incorporates a cutting-edge virtual try-on tool specifically crafted for producing content that highlights apparel. For instance, if a creator aims to create an image of themselves wearing a particular item from the catalog, they can seamlessly superimpose the clothing onto their own image using this feature.

This represents a significant victory for both brands and creators seeking to showcase products in a visually appealing and authentic manner, all while minimizing costs and effort.

With this functionality, creators can produce marketable content swiftly, requiring only a few minutes. Simultaneously, brands are spared the logistical challenges associated with shipping merchandise to creators or organizing physical fashion shoots.

AI’s role in fashion trend analysis and increased sales

Fashion trends analysis is yet another way AI can help in content generation. The AI algorithm can predict popular clothing trends by analyzing social media posts and hashtags and recommend clothing styles that are expected to be in demand.

As part of their affiliate marketing strategy, brands can pick up those clothing styles and promote it with the help of affiliates and content creators. Promoting popular clothing styles that are currently trending will improve sales and success of the affiliate program.


With AI backed affiliate marketing strategy , brands no longer need to shoot the dart in the dark. They will exactly know how much money to put into a campaign, what products to promote and how to track the performance of the strategy at a campaign and strategy level. To know more about the AI clothing transfer and fashion trend prediction , contact out business team today!

Kamna Datt
Content Writer
A content writer by profession, Kamna is an Influencer marketing enthusiast writing insightful articles about the space that will benefit brands and influencers alike!