September 16, 2022

Top 10 Sustainable Fashion Influencers in India

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Sustainability is not just a buzzword! If we look back to a couple of centuries ago, most practices in daily life were zero-waste and mindful of the environment. With the need for convenience and quick fixes, we have delved into a lifestyle that not just harms us, but Mother Nature too. The impact of every action matters, especially now, due to the harm caused to the ecosystem at large.

So, what role does sustainability play in fashion?

Hand-me-downs used to be cherished. Owning heirlooms used to be a matter of pride. Repeating outfits in new ways and reusing them differently was an enjoyable experience. So, what happened? With fast fashion using synthetic fabrics to produce clothes in bulk for a lesser price is costing us a lot more, in terms of our planet’s health! Most of them end up in landfills, which is a clear indicator of waste generation. This is where sustainable fashion practices come into play towards restoring balance.

These fashion influencers have made the switch to slow fashion while staying stylish. Even better, they are guiding their target audience to make the switch too, one step at a time!

1. Ofelia Sarkar

Including handlooms in your wardrobe is a step towards slow fashion and Ofelia definitely embodies the same through her profile. There’s no need for an introduction to the vibrancy and the mindful production of Indian handlooms. She wears some of the most beautiful sarees that show how versatile slow fashion can be.

2. Kakali Biswas

From a seasoned sales and marketing professional to being an entrepreneur with her sustainable saree brand, Kakali’s journey is inspiring. She sports outfits that are mindful of her personal brand, which is slow fashion. Sustainability is not all or nothing, it is about doing as much as you can, no matter how old you are!

3. Pallavi

Sustainable fashion brands are just as easily available as fast fashion brands. Pallavi shows how easy it is to make the choice! By supporting these slow-living brands, she also showcases that investing in a viable wardrobe is equivalent to investing in your future and overall lifestyle. Her vibrant outfits feature the fact that making as much effort as you can is so much better than nothing!

4. Sreedevi Bindu Olappamanna

Sustainability need not be reserved only for fashion, if you let it, it can flow through and become your lifestyle! If Sreedevi’s Instagram has a message, this would be it. Ranging from how to reuse the pieces you have in your wardrobe to generating zero waste in other aspects of life, her profile encourages one to tread lightly for the benefit of our planet.

5. Siddharth Kerkar

When your habits flow through to different parts of your life, you will reap rich rewards! Siddharth is an artist who has a line of sustainable clothing. Based in Goa, he allows his choices to flow through in his art and wardrobe and is on a quest for the message of sustainability to reach others’ wardrobes too. Soothing art visuals and sustainable fabrics, along with snippets of beautiful locales make a colourful splash on his profile!

6. Ankita Katuri

Sustainable fashion doesn’t mean you stop shopping forever and wear the same clothes! Through Ankita’s Instagram, one can not only see multiple ways to style pieces of clothing, but also the many sustainable ways to shop! Her focus on hand-me-downs and thrift stores makes slow fashion a great opportunity for those wanting to switch to sustainable fashion practices.

7. Taanya Hooda

Many of us think that fashion creators and designers cannot be sustainable, due to the number of outfits they wear. Taanya is here to prove this thought process wrong! Starting from the choice of fabrics to sustainable styling, she has fashion inspiration for a slow fashion aspirant. She also runs her clothing label, which focuses on the same message!

8. Aakash Ranison

Sustainable practices need to trickle into every aspect of life. While fashion itself is not the main focus of Aakash, his activism to spread awareness to the masses is commendable. His recent eBook on how the textile industry impacts the environment at large showcases the urgency at which the general public needs to act to make slow living a part of their lifestyle.

9. Himanshi Goel

Being a fashion influencer requires one to stay in touch with the latest trends. However, that hasn’t stopped Himanshi from taking steps toward a zero-waste lifestyle! Treading lightly on the planet does not have to be tedious, it can be done at one’s own pace, is her message to the audience.

10. Nayana Premnath

Making the best use of what you have and generating as less waste as possible is Nayana’s motto. Her content around repeating outfits shows that it is a small change that leads to sustainability! Making a small change leads to great impact and she leads her audience in the right direction in doing so.

Final Thoughts

The journey towards sustainability does not require expertise, equipment, or a lot of time. Any effort to make the planet more inhabitable as time progresses is of prime importance. The moment individuals and brands stop treating climate change as a problem of the future, the transformation will be quite drastic. These influencers can impact their following in a positive way where everyone can grow. galleri5 creator stack can help brands optimise the message of slow living through these strong voices!

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