July 25, 2022

Top 10 Vegan Food Influencers on Instagram

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The first thing that comes to mind at the mention of Veganism is the food. Most people who are trying to go vegan start with the food and branch out into different parts of their lifestyles. Veganism is centred around being conscious about what goes into the body, and how it affects the individual as well as those around us!

Most Indian food is inherently plant-based. With a few easy swaps, one can effortlessly explore the vegan lifestyle through food and choose what works best for them.

There is a wide misconception that vegan food is restrictive, bland, and boring. These influencers from varied backgrounds show how easy, tasty, nutritious, and indulging vegan recipes can be!

1. Vijayalakshmi Vikram

South Indian cuisine has its own fanbase. While most of them use some amount of dairy products and meat, Vijayalakshmi has bypassed them. She recreates authentic and heritage recipes with easy plant-based swaps to retain the taste and texture of the dish. Her signature nod at the end of her engaging Instagram reels make you want to try the recipes too!


2. Baby Avni

Plant-based living is something most of us stumble upon, but for this little toddler it is already a way of life! Her meals are prepared with care and beautifully presented, which can easily be seen on their Instagram feed. This toddler’s meals are super creative, colourful, and interesting, full props to her parents for sharing it with the world.


3. Shweta Dudi

It is common to think that vegan recipes cannot easily be adapted into the everyday diet. Shweta can prove that notion wrong with her vegan recipes! She explores palates across cuisines and gives them a plant-based twist. She is a software engineer by profession who gives her followers plenty of food-spiration!


4. Vegan Richa

Simply a glance at Richa’s Instagram will make one do a double-take, in awe! The fact that vegan food can look vibrant and interesting is something most people are unaware of. If you own an instant pot, she has written a book filled with plant-based recipes for quick, easy, nutritious and appetizing meals. If you’re looking for recipe inspo, her Instagram is the right place.


5. Kuntal A. Joisher

If you thought it was impossible to be a bodybuilder with a vegan diet, Kuntal is here to make you think again! Plant-based protein sources are plenty and a major part of fitness is nutrition. He combines the two to create the perfect diet and workout plan as a fitness coach. He is also a mountaineer scaling heights and helping his clients elevate their health!


6. Surabhi Sehgal

A celebrated chef featured in top magazines certainly cannot be vegan, right? The stereotype that chefs who curate plant-based meals are limited is quite common, but Surabhi is here to break that barrier! Her Instagram feed is aesthetically pleasing and mouth-watering indeed. She explores cuisines and courses, with her recipes ranging from appetizers to desserts.


7. P.V. Narayanamoorthy

A retired advertising professional, Narayanamoorthy is discovering health and fitness through a completely vegan diet. The delicious journey is documented beautifully on Instagram, predominantly of South Indian recipes. The account also features cuisines from around the world that truly display the versatility vegan foods can have!


8. Nidhi Mohan Kamal

Fitness and eating healthy are not just for losing weight, but also for one to maintain balance in life. This is the motto that Nidhi goes by! Perfectly paired with a plant-based diet, she creates a fitness plan for her clients to achieve optimum health. The success of her clients is truly inspiring and motivates her followers to make a guided switch to vegan food!


9. Ajitesh

Is the only way to build muscle through consuming meat and dairy? Ajitesh disagrees. Being a vegan since 2011, he achieves his fitness goals without them! Being vegan is not just about a lifestyle change for him, but also his way of activism to help more people tread lightly on the planet.


10. Ana Khatiwara

Going vegan is not a one-time thing, it requires continuous change and commitment! Ana herself went through this transformative phase in her career and dietary choices, as she’s a fashion designer-turned-food blogger. The experimental route is clearly visible through her pleasing Instagram feed and it truly sets her content apart!


Veganism is not just a lifestyle change, it is a movement to a more sustainable and waste-free future. Brands have a responsibility to genuinely move towards a business model that takes the environment into account with their products and offerings! Collaborations between brands and these creators through galleri5 Creator Stack can immensely add value to the target audience without a doubt.

Namitha Bogadi (namitha.bogadi@galleri5.com)
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