July 4, 2023

Top 5 Body-Positive Influencers on the Rise in India

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Body positivity is a global movement that has gained momentum in several parts of the world including India. The movement promotes acceptance and appreciation of all body types, irrespective of size, color, shape, or appearance. For the longest time, the world of fashion was notorious for promoting only certain body types. You would only see images of models of certain races, body types (mostly skinny), and features on the billboard hoardings of fashion labels. 

Culture also plays an important role in how beautiful and ideal body type is perceived. For instance, in the West African nation of Mauritania, overweight women are considered beautiful. Girls from a very young age are fed high-calorie food so that they can gain weight and find eligible suitors for marriage. 

Opposite to this viewpoint is South Korea, a country where both men and women are obsessed with looking thin. They have a very unrealistic standard of beauty, wherein an ideal woman should have a thin figure, pale skin, large eyes, and a v-shaped jawline. India is not far behind in the pursuit of perfection, and matrimonial adverts in newspapers are a testament to that. 

However, we are now witnessing a sea of change. With platforms like Instagram, women are finally calling out against the unrealistic beauty standards which are shaped by media, societal expectations, and traditional norms. Many brands and businesses now want to work with body-positive fashion models and social media influencers in pursuit of inclusivity and breaking the barrier of fashion and beauty. 

Many Indian influencers, models, and celebrities are promoting body positivity in a big way. They are promoting inclusivity and self-love by sharing their own experiences and putting down body shamers. At the same time, these social media influencers also advocate for the representation of all body types in media, and fashion. 

So, without further ado, we present to you five social media personalities who are body positivity mascots and fight the judgment and prejudices they face on a daily basis -

Dolly Singh

Dolly Singh is a popular social media influencer who started her career with comedy sketches, fashion and soon pandered into acting. She has acted in several web shows and was even featured in the billboard ad of the popular toothpaste brand Colgate. Despite gaining massive fame, Singh has faced body shaming for being too skinny. 

She constantly calls out such bullies on Instagram where she has 1.6 million followers. Dolly is a self-confessed fashion enthusiast and skinny shaming has not stopped her from wearing what she likes. 

Body positivity has a large spectrum of people. Only overweight people have to face criticism about their appearance since being skinny is considered a good thing. The reality is far from true. Skinny shaming is often not discussed as openly as fat shaming, but it happens. Thanks to social media influencers Dolly Singh, people are now talking about it. 

Tanvi Geetha Ravishankar 

Tanvi, who goes by the name “thechubbytwiler” has 199K followers on Instagram. She is a social media influencer with a goal to end the stigma around weight. Tanvi is also a plus-size model with a slick fashion sense which is evident from her Instagram page. Her bikini photo created quite a stir and was widely covered on the web.

Content on her platform is mostly about body positivity, fashion for large-size women, and travel stories. She is also a very talented dancer and she doesn't shy away from shutting down haters. 

Dhivyaa Vikram 

Snazzytamilacchi on Instagram, Dhivyaa Vikram is a popular instagrammer and youtuber. She calls herself an entertainer and she posts content in the Tamil language. 

She is a popular social media influencer on Instagram because of her aesthetically pleasing dancing videos. As a large woman, she has discussed on the platform the judgment and ridicule she faced growing up. 

But today, she is a confident, fashionable woman who posts the most beautiful pictures in both modern and traditional attire. 

Deepika Mutyala

After her YouTube video titled - “How to cover dark under eye circles' ' went viral eight years ago, Deepika Mutyala addressed a very important issue related to the absence of a make-up palette that suited the skin tone of Southeast Asian women. Most famous brands at the time only offered makeup products for women with lighter skin tones. However, she bridged the gap by launching her own makeup brand, especially for women with darker shades called love tinted. 

With the help of her makeup brand, Indian-origin American, Deepika positions herself as a body positivity influencer related to skin tone and color. Through her make-up brand, she wants to build a community for the most underrepresented skin tone. She believes that women should be comfortable in their skin and that beauty products should be made accessible to women of any skin tone and color. 

Anjana Bapat

Standup comedian, belly dancer, plus-size fashion model, and body-positive advocator, Anjana Bapat is a powerhouse of talent with a cause. She has a follower count of 77.2K on Instagram and she doesn't mince her words when shutting down haters and negative comments on her page. 

As a professional, trained dancer, she conducts dancing workshops where she not just teaches dancing, but also promotes the cause of body positivity. Through her classes and workshops, she spreads awareness about body positivity and inspires women who do not fit the bill of beauty that society and media have been dictating. 


Body positivity is an ongoing movement in India. There are certain challenges that make it difficult for some individuals to accept their bodies fully. At the same time, social media and advertising continue to celebrate only certain body types. However, with the increased visibility and dialogue around body positivity, thanks to these bold and beautiful social media influencers, we can see a shift toward an accepting and inclusive society. 

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