August 3, 2023

Top 5 Dad Creators on the Rise in India

A generation ago, the onus of parenting was largely on the mothers. Society's views on parenting and gender roles have evolved over time and today fathers are equal participants when it comes to parenting. The rise in the number of dad influencers on platforms such as instagram  is  indicative of this change. Dad influencers provide a fresh perspective and representation for fathers, challenging stereotypes and showing that fathers play an active role in their children's lives. They create content that revolves around parenting, family life, fatherly advice, and sometimes showcase their hobbies, interests, travel itineraries and daily activities with their kids.

Each dad influencer brings their unique background, experiences, and parenting style to the table. They can be an inspiration to a number of people around them, especially to fathers who are new to parenting. In this blog post, we are featuring five dads who are using their platform to advocate positive parenting practices, family values and can be a source of inspiration for other fathers and parents seeking guidance.

#1 Shashank Shetty or thedadzdiary

Shashank Sheetty is undoubtedly one of the rising dad influencers in India today. A young dad himself, Shashank shares very informative videos on parenting, family values, nutrition and other aspects of daily parenting. He is a father of a toddler son and therefore his content mostly deals on topics such as baby led weaning, toddler nutrition and other parenting hacks associated with kids that young.

Parenting a toddler can be quite challenging . Most parents are often clueless about the baby products that they should choose for their child. To help other parents like himself, Shashank has also curated a list of products that he uses for his own son. The content on his platform will resonate well with any new father or parents. Given the quality of the content on his platform, this rising parenting influencer has featured on Huggies India, Edamama and The Mom Co. He has also been part of several influencer marketing campaigns for toy and children's brands.

#2  Aditya Tiwari or lifewithavnish

The next dad on this list, is not just a parenting influencer but a social reformer, mountaineer and Youngest National Award winner. In 2016,  27 years old Aditya Tiwari took a very bold step and became a single adoptive father to a boy born with Down Syndrome. Hailing from Pune, Aditya had to go through a long legal struggle to adopt his son Binny.

After adopting his son, Aditya now works in various capacities to raise awareness and even counsels parents with special needs children. He has been given several awards for his work and is a notable TEDx speaker. In a country like India where mental health is a taboo subject, dad influencers like Aditya bring in a fresh perspective to parenting. We need more parenting influences like him.

# 3 Durjoy Datta

An engineer turned author, Durjoy Dutta has an illustrious media and writing career behind him. However, what truly stands out is his persona as a dad influencer. With nearly 832K followers Durjoy is perhaps the best dad instagram account, as the content posted on his page about his family, fatherhood, parenting is very special.

He constantly updates stories and reels about the daily struggles of parenting. As a father of two daughters, it is a joy to watch Durjoy co-parent his children with his wife. In many ways, he is breaking the stetro-type of a busy father. Back in the days, fathers were elusive and often detached from the lives of their children as they were considered as busy professionals. However, parenting influencers like Durjoy Dutta beautifully display that you can be a busy professional, at the same time be a hands-on father.

# 4 Ramneek Singh or ramneksing1313

Ramneek Singh is a content creator and a dad influencer who has a massive following on social media across platforms. He along with his family create recreational, inspirational and educational videos for YouTube and Instagram. Ramneek and his family also run several YouTube channels which have a combined follower count of 35 Million. His Instagram page boasts of 1.7 million followers and is one of the best dad instagram accounts out there.

As a full time content creator, Ramneek along with his wife and kids post a wide range of content on social media. The theme of the content deals with motivation, parenting hacks, travel stories and much more. The views and comments on his videos runs in thousands and his content is appreciated by the audience and the media.

# 5  Parikshit Jobanputra or parikshit_jobanputra

Parenting coast and motivational speaker, Parikshit Jobanputra is founder and CEO of Samanvay Group. He is a member of the American Psychology Association and conducts seminars about parenting and child psychology. His Instagram page offers solutions to a lot of struggles modern day parents face. For example, how to reduce the screen time of your child,  and why my child doesn't listen to me are some of the themes of the content on his platform. As a parent himself, the content posted by this dad influencer will definitely benefit other parents as well.


Dad influencers featured on this list use their platforms to advocate  positive parenting practices, mental health awareness, and importance of family value. They are a big source of positive influence on those who are new to parenting or are struggling with the demands of modern day parenting. Therefore, dad influencers provide an effective way for brands to use influencer marketing to promote family-oriented products and services. They can showcase how these products fit into their daily lives, making the promotion feel more authentic and relatable.

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