June 22, 2023

Top 5 Gaming Creators on the Rise in India

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As per a Business Standard report, India is the second largest gamer base in the world with nearly 369 active gamers in the country today. For the longest time, countries like Japan and Korea led the charts, but the space is soon being taken over by our very own desi gamers and gaming influencers. Affordable data internet plans, smartphone accessibility, convenient payment options and a surplus of gaming apps have supported the rise of the gaming industry with several Indian gamers taking a liking towards it. 

The gaming industry in India also saw considerable growth during the pandemic, where people had limited entertainment options and were mostly tied down in the confines of their homes. However, what started as an entertainment and leisurely activity for people has transformed into a revenue model for gamers as well as start-up enterprises that create and market new games. As per a report, there are over 400 new gaming startups in India which have enabled the creation of a gaming ecosystem which is largely driven by gaming influencers or streamers across social media platforms. 

YouTube is the most preferred platform where the top gaming Youtubers in India post their content. While short-form content is mostly posted on Instagram. Content creation is the heart of the gaming industry and many Indian gamers have established themselves in the space by consistently posting live-streaming videos of themselves playing popular games like Minecraft, Roblox, and Grand Theft Auto V to name a few. 

Game streaming is serious business and gaming influencers have massive viewership which has led them to get sponsorship and advertising revenue. Brands want to work with them as most gaming influencers have a loyal fan base who are young and possess purchasing power.  Many established gaming influencers like Carry Minati, and Techno Gameraz have bagged big sponsorship deals from big brands like Myntra and Red Bull respectively. 

At the same time, several upcoming gaming influencers have a good following and are making a mark in the gaming industry.


With 2.59 million subscribers on Youtube, Ankit Sood is the 19-year-old Indian gamer and content creator behind the popular gaming YouTube channel KingnBru. Known to stream his content in Hindi, Ankit is a popular Youtuber who uploads content like PUBG mobile and Horror Games.  He also posts funny gaming commentary videos which are loved by his followers. He uploads content on his YouTube channel with daily views that run in thousands. 

Payal Gaming

Payal Dhare is a popular Youtube gamer in India who has nearly 3.11 million subscribers. She is also an Indian gamer who streams for s8ulesports, a popular Esports team for India. Payal joined Youtube as a gamer in 2019 and she has become a popular streamer since then. She was recently hosted by Samsung along with other Indian gamers in South Korea for an event. As a female gaming YouTuber in India, she has opened up doors for many young girls like herself to become professional steamers in a domain which is largely considered to be male-dominated. 

The RawKnee Games

Ronodeep Dasgupta is the person behind the popular gaming Youtube channel “The RawKnee Games”. The channel has 4.25 million subscribers and he regularly posts content on the platform. Besides posting streaming videos, his channel also has videos on Amazon purchases related to gaming, like the cheapest RC plane from Amazon to the most expensive RC car from Amazon. The views on his channels run in millions and he is one of the most popular and talented Indian gaming influencers. 

Kaash Plays

Also a streamer with SAUL, Kaashvi Hiranandani is a Mumbai-based YouTube games streamer and vlogger. She has 872K subscribers on her YouTube channel Kaash Plays and is one of the most popular and upcoming female Indian gamers. She joined the YouTube gaming community in May of 2020 and since then her channel has grown consistently. 


A self-proclaimed gaming enthusiast, Shagufta Iqbal is one of the upcoming Indian gamers who is eyeing the top spot. She mostly plays FPS multiplayer games like PUBG, Apex Legends and COD: Warzone. She has 282K subscribers on her Youtube channel Xyaa. Iqbal is also a fan of story-driven games and regularly posts lifestyle vlogs and live-streaming videos on her channel. 

Indian gamers are a supportive community backed by a strong ecosystem of technocrats from the gaming industry. E-sports in India is a very serious profession and the gaming industry is growing at an unprecedented rate. It is mostly driven by youth, the GEnZ diaspora who are serious about the gaming gig and are professional gaming influencers

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