December 14, 2023

Top Beauty Influencers On Instagram You Should Follow for Make-up & Skin Care Inspiration this Wedding Season

Beauty influencers play a pivotal role in wedding makeup trends and choices. Their influence extends across various aspects of wedding makeup, shaping preferences, introducing new techniques, and helping brides make informed decisions. In the age of social media, brides turn to influencers for inspiration, whether it's for a classic bridal look, a trendy and bold style, or a natural make-up look for a wedding. The influence of beauty influencers helps brides stay updated on the latest makeup trends for their wedding day. 

However, one must note that these makeup looks for Indian weddings are not just limited to the bride. Wedding guests' makeup looks are also a must discussed and talked about scenarios on social media. Social media influencers address common concerns related to bridal makeup, such as long-lasting formulations, avoiding flashback in photos, and managing specific skin issues. 

By providing solutions and makeup tutorials for Indian weddings to these concerns, influencers empower brides and her guests  to make informed decisions about their wedding day makeup and look their best. 

Brides, whether seeking professional makeup artists or opting for a DIY approach, often turn to beauty influencers for guidance and inspiration as they prepare for their special day. Therefore, we bring you the following top beauty influencers on Instagram who have makeup tutorials for Indian weddings and the best bridal and wedding guests makeup looks that will  inspire and guide you through creating stunning and culturally resonant beauty styles for your special occasions. 

Malvika Sitlani 

Anyone who remotely follows beauty related content on platforms such as Youtube and Instagram cannot not know Malvika Sitlani. She is the OG content creator on YouTube on make-up and started her channel back in 2011. In 2020, she donned the entrepreneurial hat and became the CEO & co-founder of cosmetic brand MASIC beauty. 

Malvika has a very natural and minimalistic style of make-up. Her make-up content is very relatable and she educates her audience about the do’s and don'ts of makeup. Brides who want natural makeup for weddings can watch her makeup tutorials and get inspired and discover the best products for bridal make up. 

Tarini Peshawaria

Every bride wants to look beautiful with perfect makeup on their wedding day. However, to get that flawless look, following daily skincare rituals much before the big day is quite important. A dedicated skincare routine helps achieve a glowing complexion and the bride's skin looks radiant, healthy, and well-prepared for the wedding makeup. 

If  brides-to-be are looking for a healthy and sustainable skin care routine, they should follow skin care enthusiast and influencer Tarini Peshawaria for inputs. From hair care to skin care for the face and whole body, Tarini recommends affordable and high quality products for different skin types and tones. 

She also shares inputs on the latest beauty products available in the market, whether they are celebrity brands or Korean beauty ranges which are quite popular these days. As a bride, having the right information for the right product is very important and Tarini gives very interesting feedback to her audience and if those products are worth the hype.

Shreya Chakraborty

An ISO certified makeup artist, Shreya Chakrborty is a beauty influencer who keeps her audience hooked with her content on Instagram. The wedding series content covers all concerns , aspects related to make-up look for Indian weddings. For example, her videos showcases wedding make-up tutorials for brown girls and Shaddi & Nikhaa makeup tutorials that are culturally relevant and unique.

Shraddha Gurung 

A body positive influencer who is a fashion and beauty content creator, Shraddha Gurung goes by lilmissgurung on Instagram. As a fashion and beauty enthusiast, Sharadda creates vibrant content, which deals with everyday makeup, lipstick shades recommendations for wedding seasons and reels and posts on wedding guests' makeup look. 

Besides the bride, the wedding season is also about the guests who are expected to attend the wedding. Those looks should also be perfect, but not jarring to upstage the bride. Sharaddha Gurung’s instagram page is a perfect reference for people who have a packed wedding season as guests. 

Fizza Abdi

Quirky, subtle, glamorous and minimalist, Fizza Abdi is a beauty influencer that has the talent to create all these looks with absolute charm. Her instage page is an ideal pit stop for wedding guest makeup looks. 

Her makeup creation is a perfect reference for the “Bride Tribe” who are looking for a minimalist yet glamorous look for the wedding. 

Sarah Sarosh

Featured in Forbes India Digital Star list 2023, Sarah Sarosh is a beauty and makeup influencer who is known to create iconic looks that are synonymous with Indian weddings. Her Instagram page is very resourceful for brides and bridesmaids looking for product recommendations, makeup inspiration and tips & hacks related to bridal and wedding makeup. 

With over 1 million subscribers on YouTube and 180K followers on Instagram, Sarah Sarosh is known for her premium content, amazing makeup hacks that will come in handy to help create makeup look for Indian weddings. 

Shalini Mandal 

This digital content creator from Bhopal is huge to Instagram thanks to her talent for creating a very relatable and minimalist makeup look. From skin care to makeup, Shalini's content offers a lot of information that will be very useful for the Brides and even the wedding guests. 

Weddings are a big occasion for every family, and how one turns up for the event matters a lot to the bride and her guests. Shalini personally tries out the viral products and explains to her audience how they can reap the maximum benefits for them. She is also big on minimalist and natural makeup looks for weddings, which is a huge trend these days. 

Jyoti Sethi 

When it comes to makeup look for Indian weddings, Jyoti Sethi is undoubtedly one of the most talented content creators on the web. She has created several videos on her YouTube channel related to wedding guests' makeup looks to natural makeup looks for weddings. 

Jyoti has a talent to create natural yet stunning looks by using very products. Her videos carry very clear instructions and step-by step guides that any novice can pick up and follow. All bride-to-be should check out her instagram page for inspiration and techniques to get the best look on their wedding day. 

Make up and beauty influencers on Instagram demonstrate exceptional expertise and skill in creating intricate and flawless makeup looks. The make-up and beauty industry is not only competitive, it is evolving at a very fast pace. Consumers are now more interested in understanding the ingredients used in their beauty products.

Scientific advancements contribute to the development of innovative makeup and skin care products. Beauty and skincare influencers play a vital role in popularizing the new products that are introduced in the market. They make informative content for their audience in the form of make-up tutorials and product reviews. 

Influencers also try out the makeup on themselves, providing firsthand demonstrations of application techniques and showcasing the transformative effects of the products, making the content more relatable and engaging for their followers. Therefore, it is not surprising that many to-be brides turn to makeup tutorials for Indian weddings to find the right inspiration for their big day. 

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