July 27, 2022

Top 10 Female Humourous Content Creators

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Instagram has always been the place where a lot of aesthetic content is shared. Travel, fashion, and lifestyle have always been the focus. Since the pandemic, it has diversified into a platform showcasing entertaining content. With the introduction of videos with longer lengths, creators have migrated to Instagram to showcase more diverse content.

This extends to creators who churn out content that can get a good laugh out of you. Let’s admit it, we have all been scrolling on Instagram endlessly looking at memes and funny videos. These women creators, especially, are cooking up a storm with content that tickles funny bones endlessly. Take a look!

1. Supriya Joshi

We fondly know her as @supaarwoman. Supriya is a standup comic, content creator, makeup experimenter, and BTS enthusiast. The replies she gives to trolls body-shaming her in the comments need to have a category of their own! Her reels, especially those with her family are the most entertaining.


2. Shraddha

If there’s one person who dons multiple hats, it is @aiyyoshraddha. From starting as an RJ in the entertainment industry, she went on to become an actress in the Kannada Film Industry, all while creating killer videos on Instagram. The use of puns and playing multiple characters adds great dimension to her style of humour!


3. Aishwarya Mohanraj

A standup comedian, Aishwarya’s quirky sense of humour led her to be the finalist in the first season of Comicstaan on Amazon Prime. From there on, her journey has only gone upwards, with her standup videos on YouTube going viral with millions of views! She can take any Instagram trend and give them a comical twist.


4. Niharika NM

From making quirky “types of” videos that gained maximum popularity to very recently walking the red carpet at Cannes, Niharika has come a long way and grown as a content creator! Her regional relatability has spread across by collaborating with fellow content creators and ultimately movie stars that Indians love.


5. Dolly Singh

In between fashion and beauty, Dolly definitely makes space for comedy! Her various characters through the years have certainly made many of us laugh and relate to her quips. Some of her videos also contain messages deep-rooted in activism too, which she keeps real. Her POVs on popular shows are highly entertaining!


6. Srishti Dixit

Srishti and her beloved cat Patches have a great sense of humour! Before that, Srishti used to appear in quite a few BuzzFeed videos when it first made its appearance in India. From then on, she has showcased her talent through Instagram where she posts most of her content. She goes viral almost every time, looks like she’s cracked the creatively funny code!


7. Kusha Kapila

All we have to do is say “Billi Maasi” and “Shivoham Shivoham”; everyone will know who we’re talking about! Kusha Kapila. She started as a content creator on iDiva but soon diversified and realised her true potential! Her characters are super relatable and humorously crafted to make every last person enjoy her content to the fullest.


8. Nagma Nasser

@thatmalluchick’s brand of funny is fresh, simple, and yet will have you rolling on the floor! Gen-Z -ness is present in her content and the brand collaborations always get the point across. Another unique thing to note is that her collaborations with fellow creators honestly look fun and happy along with being hilarious!


9. Vagmita

Relationships can be draining and traumatising, but hey, at least they create funny and awkward scenarios. Vagmita taps into this treasure trove of jokes and sets them up in a Desi context for maximum relatability from her audience. She also expresses her takes on current events and issues in rib-tickling dialogue delivery.


10. Kareema Barry

Pointing out uncomfortable truths through satire is Kareema’s signature move! Sometimes you might laugh at her humour, but other times it’s likely she’s pointing out the flaws in the system. The portrayal of Calcutta oozes relatability and a sense of belonging. Trying to send out a message into the world and making a difference is one of her objectives and she has taken the funny route!


Brands are looking for more innovative ways to put across their offerings to the masses. Taking the humorous route is fruitful due to the high retention in the target audience’s minds. These women creators are funny, but more than that, they are super creative and have the talent to stitch any brand’s messaging into their narrative style. As a brand, it is easy to get a boost and grow your customer base through these high-spirited influencers with a little bit of help from galleri5 creator stack!

Namitha Bogadi (namitha.bogadi@galleri5.com)
Content Specialist