July 25, 2022

Top 10 Indian Male Influencers with Long Hair

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Men sporting long locks may be unusual, but it’s definitely not a recent development. Mythology all over the world has depicted legendary men with long flowy hair!

Over the years, it has become a norm for men to have a “clean look” which mandates short hair. But we live in a time when people have several platforms on the internet to break these stereotypes and embrace their real selves.

These top 10 male influencers are making their mark in various fields while flaunting their beautiful long hair!

1. Allen Claudius

A good pair of kicks is always appreciated. Allen Claudius documents his sneakerhead lifestyle through his Instagram @bowtiesandbonesblog. Casual and sporty fits are his go-to and streetwear is his forte. Not just this, he is also a professional fashion consultant & a creative director, which reflects his personal style. The perfect addition to amp up his looks is the man bun- which he carries off oh-so-well!


2. Varun Agrawal

@settlesubtle has to be the top pick for style enthusiasts- he has the best recommendations to up your fashion quotient. From the best fits to fashion inspo, and even personal grooming, Varun has them all on his profile. His beautiful curly hair, always long and well-maintained, complements his every look. Peep into his profile for curly hair inspo and maintenance tips too.


3. Bhuvan Bam

Tickling the audience’s funny bones every time he gets a chance, Bhuvan Bam is a well-known name in comedy circles. His videos are catchy and leave one chuckling. At the same time, he is making a mark as an actor! His Instagram is the perfect mix of entertainment and style. AND, he does all this while keeping his hair long and well-groomed!


4. Param Sahib

Param Sahib stands out with his trendy turbans! His edgy style mixes amazingly well with the bright colors he showcases on his Instagram. @parambanana has a great street-style aesthetic that incorporates a lot of Indian traditional elements, with a modern touch. His beauty & grooming routines are aesthetically pleasing and helpful too! His quirky fashion sense has earned him space in the world of style curation, which he does professionally.


5. Sagar Gera

Being a model with long hair is never limiting- the perfect example to showcase this is @sagargera_official’s Instagram. This successful fashion model doesn’t stop at Indian outfits, he explores western styles and adds the stunning element of his long hair to the mix! His locks make the looks even more exciting and alluring.


6. Nitin Chauhan

Standing out from the crowd is the goal of every fashion model. Creating his niche, @nitinchauhanofficial has forayed into modeling without letting go of his Punjabi roots. His luscious long hair complements his rugged looks. The man bun + beard combo is a new favorite among men that he absolutely slays without a doubt!


7. Sangram Chougule

Look no further than @sangram_chougule_official’s Instagram account for fitness inspo! Sangram is a two-time world champion and his edutainment content revolves around keeping fit and healthy. One of the other interesting things about him is that he effortlessly sports long hair and styles it in unique ways.


8. Aaron Koul

Relatable content always has the highest entertainment quotient. One influencer with a unique sense of humor is @aaronkoul, navigating through life and making everyone laugh! The thing that stands out in his profile is his flowy long hair, which he pulls off effortlessly!


9. RJ Abhinav

Entertainment has been taken to a whole new dimension by RJ Abhinav. His quips about different situations are really popular on Instagram. His long hair amplifies his personality and has almost become an identifying factor!


10. Anant Searat

Yearning for a vacation? Anant Searat (@travelwithsearats) is a travel influencer and he documents the various journeys he takes around the world with his partner, Rashmi. Their videos are filled with information on the unexplored. Anant’s curly head of hair stands out and frankly adds to his explorer personality!


Having long hair is enticing and elegant at the same time. These successful men, with long hair to die for, are showing everyone how it’s done. It is the day and age to embrace any look and to feel confident! Any brand that wants to capture this generation’s attention through influencer marketing should definitely consider working with these long-maned men through galleri5 Creator Stack!

Namitha Bogadi (namitha.bogadi@galleri5.com)
Content Specialist