July 27, 2022

Top 10 Tech Influencers in India

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Something is always changing in the world of technology. No matter what, we depend on technology in multiple ways to make our lives easy! It is one of the most dynamic fields and can be hard to keep up with.

From short clips on Instagram to long-format explanation videos on YouTube to writing step-by-step blogs, these creators are making understanding tech across many fields, easier for everyone.

Thanks to these tech influencers and their comprehensive content, there is a hub of info that comes with complete ease of understanding!

Here are the top tech influencers in India who are helping their audience explore and experiment with technology.

1. Lasya K Elizabeth

Building a website? Trying to publish ads on social media? Figuring out a feature on your smartphone? No problem! Lasya has you covered with alltop9, a one-stop resource for all your tech questions. She is one of the top female tech bloggers in India without a doubt.

https://www.alltop9.com/ | https://www.facebook.com/AllTop9Digital

2. Abhijeet Mukherjee

Being confused about what gadget to buy and later figuring out how to use it is a fun process, but it can get frustrating too! With Guiding Tech, Abhijeet makes it easier for consumers, in general, to make better purchasing decisions along with learning how to make the most out of any gadget.

https://www.guidingtech.com/ | https://brands.galleri5.com/influencers/instagram/guidingtech| https://www.youtube.com/c/Guidingtech

3. Shradha Sharma

Yourstory.com is India’s largest tech-media company in India. From being an entrepreneur to featuring entrepreneurs on her website, Shradha Sharma is a highly successful tech influencer due to her expertise in trend forecasting!

https://brands.galleri5.com/influencers/instagram/shradhasharmayss | https://yourstory.com/ | https://www.youtube.com/yourstorytv

4. Amit Agarwal

From something as simple as inserting images into Google Sheets to auto-downloading podcasts into Google Drive using Google Sheets, Amit Agarwal’s blog Labnol has tips, tricks, and how-tos for everything tech-related. Your tech questions are answered in a flash in a step-by-step format, helping you learn and remember too!

https://www.labnol.org/ | https://brands.galleri5.com/influencers/instagram/labnol | https://www.youtube.com/labnol

5. Gaurav Chaudhary

Technical Guruji lives up to his name by providing the latest tech news, unboxing gadgets, and more on his YouTube channel. Being one of the most successful tech influencers, Gaurav helps his audience navigate through tech obstacles with effective videos on his viral YouTube channel.

https://brands.galleri5.com/influencers/instagram/technicalguruji | https://www.youtube.com/technicalguruji

6. Jyoti Chauhan

A digital presence is one of the most critical factors for a brand to grow, especially in an era where everything happens on the internet! With updateland.com, Jyoti provides tips and step-by-step tutorials on how one can be worthwhile on the internet with digital marketing, SEO, and more.


7. Ranjit Kumar

Making explainers and unboxing videos in Hindi is one of the unique qualities of Ranjit, a.k.a. @geekyranjit. Making it simple and interesting while conveying the uses, features, and hacks for a particular gadget is his expertise. No wonder his YouTube subscribers are people who would like to learn and grow!

https://brands.galleri5.com/influencers/instagram/geekyranjitofficial | https://www.youtube.com/c/geekyranjit

8. The Nutri Gurl

Everything you need to know about smartphones is explained in The Nutri Gurl’s YouTube videos. Comparing models, breakdown of features, testing, and more can be found on her channel. The highly informative videos are consumer and developer friendly!

https://www.youtube.com/c/TheNutriGurl | https://brands.galleri5.com/influencers/instagram/thenutrigurl

9. Yogi Yogendra

Everyone would like to get the best results out of their marketing efforts. From the gadgets that would help to tutorials on digital marketing, @technicalyogi has them all! By being a successful creator himself, he gives out advice to budding creators to best monetize their creativity.

https://brands.galleri5.com/influencers/instagram/technicalyogi| https://www.youtube.com/c/TechnicalYogi

10. Techy Kiran

Honest, accurate, and in-depth reviews of gadgets are something every consumer wishes for when they search on the internet. Even if there are any issues with a certain product, Techy Kiran makes it clear to the end-user to help them make an informed decision! This female tech YouTuber knows that clear and concise content is what works best.

https://www.youtube.com/c/TechyKiran | https://brands.galleri5.com/influencers/instagram/techykiran

Indians are known to choose their gadgets and digital platforms carefully, as every consumer should. We are also an enterprising lot that loves to diversify and make use of the channels available to the maximum extent when it comes to digital marketing. Tech brands and product platforms have a greater chance of reaching an audience more meaningfully with influencer marketing, through these authentic voices!

Namitha Bogadi (namitha.bogadi@galleri5.com)
Content Specialist