September 21, 2023

6 Reasons why Consumers Have More Trust On Influencers Than Celebrities

Today's customers are more informed and aware than ever before, and this transformation is largely driven by advancements in technology, access to information, and changing consumer behaviors. Mobile devices have made it even easier for consumers to access information on the go, enabling them to make informed decisions while shopping in physical stores or making an online purchase.

This heightened customer awareness has made brands rethink their marketing strategies, focusing on transparency, ethical practices, and customer-centric approaches. Brands that prioritize building trust and meeting the informed customer's needs tend to thrive in this evolving landscape. And this is evident from the growing number of social media influencers striking endorsement deals from brands across segments. Whether it is beauty brands, lifestyle and clothing labels, SaaS companies, or fintech products, businesses are moving from celebrity influencers to social media influencers for their marketing campaigns due to the greater relatability, authenticity, and engagement that social media influencers offer to their target audiences. 

A brand can engage an influencer marketing agency to help them connect with social media influencers at all levels. Be it mega influencers with massive followings or micro or nano influencers with modest following, an influencer's voice is considered more powerful and influential than that of a celebrity. Here are some reasons why this is the case -

# 1 Relatability Factor 

Influencers are often perceived as more relatable and down-to-earth compared to celebrities. They typically have a more ordinary lifestyle and background, which makes them feel like "one of us." This relatability fosters trust as people believe the influencer's experiences and recommendations are more relevant to their own lives.

# 2 Niche Expertise 

Influencers are often experts or enthusiasts in their niche or area of interest, which makes their content more relevant and authentic. Their knowledge and passion is evident in the content that they put out. The quality of their content and that passion towards it, help them get genuine followers. Therefore, when they endorse or promote a product on their platform, social media influencers hold far more credibility than celebrity influencers. 

# 3 Less Commercial

While influencers collaborate with brands, their content often feels less commercialized compared to celebrity endorsements. This subtlety can enhance trust, as it doesn't come across as a blatant promotion. Their content often reflects their genuine interests, experiences, and opinions, which can make endorsements appear less contrived. 

Also, traditional endorsements done by celebrities are not as detailed or story driven.  Contrary to that, influencers set the precedent with their content which is accompanied by good story-telling. 

# 4 Seen as Peers

Influencers are often seen as peers or friends by their followers, making their recommendations akin to getting advice from someone you know and trust personally. This is particularly true for GenZ influencers as well as millennial content creators. 

Social media influencers often share age groups and life stages with their followers or subscribers. This shared demographic can make followers feel like they have common experiences and interests, further enhancing the perception of peer-to-peer connection.

# 5 Two Way Interaction 

Comments, DMs, likes and shares are ways in which followers engage with their social media influencer. Followers or subscribers are also very vocal about their opinion. And these opinions are visible in real-time. Therefore, influencers are more careful about the types of endorsement deals they sign up for. 

On the other hand, celebrities rarely have a chance to have a two way interaction with the consumer. Once they have developed content for an endorsement, they do not have much control over the content that is used. However, an influencer has a far greater control. They can take audience feedback and make changes in their content accordingly. For example, if the customer wants more details about a product or service, the influencer can offer more information on the same. 

# 6 Unfiltered Opinions

Influencers often have more freedom to express their honest opinions, even if they differ from popular sentiment. This authenticity builds trust, as followers believe they are getting unbiased recommendations. Owing to this, influencers are often perceived to have more unfiltered opinions about endorsements compared to celebrities.

Unlike celebrities who may have contractual obligations to endorse specific products or brands, social media influencers often have more freedom to choose partnerships that align with their values and interests. This freedom allows them to be selective and genuine in their endorsements.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, the credibility of an influencer's voice often surpasses that of celebrities due to several key factors. Influencers are seen as relatable peers, experts in niche areas, and authentic content creators who engage directly with their audience. Their unfiltered opinions, transparency, and personalized interactions foster trust among their followers, making their endorsements feel more genuine and credible. As a result, influencer marketing has emerged as a powerful tool for brands seeking to connect with today's savvy and discerning consumers, who prioritize authenticity and relatability in their purchasing decisions.

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Kamna Datt
Content Writer
A content writer by profession, Kamna is an Influencer marketing enthusiast writing insightful articles about the space that will benefit brands and influencers alike!