August 29, 2023

galleri5’s “Trends”- An AI Powered Fashion Trend Forecasting Tool

Fashion trend forecasting is one of the finest examples of the growing prevalence of AI in the fashion industry. It is a technology that can predict future fashion trends, including specs such as designs, fabric, patterns, styles that are expected to become popular clothing choices in the next few months. Given the competitive nature of fashion business, trend forecasting in fashion will help fashion retail business to understand customer demand and design & develop clothing collection accordingly. 

Introducing - galleri5’s “Trends”- An AI Powered Fashion Trend Forecasting Tool 

As an AI-powered influencer marketing platform working with top global fashion brands, we understand the potential of advanced AI technologies such as Generative AI and  fashion trend forecasting tools in the realm of fashion retail business. 

Our product “Trends” is built to help fashion businesses identify fashion trends in near realtime before they even take off or become popular. Built on state of the art Multimodal AI, “Trends” identifies fashion trends that are posted on Instagram by popular social media influencers in real-time and breaks it down into four broad categories (as depicted in Figure 1.0)-

Figure 1.0 - The four categories of trend prediction gives accurate insight to what styles will take-off in the coming months

  1. Whats Trending - This showcases fashion trends that are more real-time and have been popular in the past week.
  1. Popular Trend - This category showcases fashion trends that have been trending over the period of time. The time frame for this is 3-4 months. 
  1. Influencers Pick - Under this category, fashion picks of the most popular influencers on Instagram can be seen. 
  1. Future Spotlight - This is the most interesting category, corroborating from the above three categories, future spotlight gives a quick sneak peek into the upcoming trends. 

In addition to that, the tool also displays month on month (MoM) growth of a particular fashion trend. The following image (Figure 2.0) indicates a MoM of 12.96% growth of boudoir detailing dress which is higher than other two clothing styles - Sweater Dresses and Boxy Blazers which shows the MoM growth of 10.6% & 9.94% respectively. These are valuable insights for design studios and fashion retail businesses to understand which styles are performing better than the other. 

Figure 2.0- MoM growth of a particular clothing style depicts what designs are likely to be in demand in the next season

The AI algorithm of the platform also helps predict the interest index for a particular design. For example, in the following image, the red line graph indicates the actual interest index for Striped Trousers while the blue line graph indicates the projected interest index. By recognizing patterns and analyzing historical data, the tool predicts the interest index of a particular clothing design pretty accurately. As visible in the image below (Figure 3.0), the forecasted interest index(2.0) for Striped Trousers is very close to the actual interest index (1.9) as on August 23, 2023. 

Figure 3.0- Get interest index for a clothing design on a daily basis and in real-time

Furthermore, the tool also provides information on the social media influencers profiles who are posting a particular clothing design. In the following image, one can see the influencer breakdown in terms of gender, city and genre. For Striped Trousers design (as shown in Figure 4.0), 89.6 % influencers were female, 25.2% of those influencers were from the city of Mumbai and 61.1% of influencers were from the fashion and style genre. One may wonder, why are these inputs relevant?

These inputs are relevant from the business standpoint of a fashion retail business. Sometimes, design decisions are made for purely business reasons, and this information can help retail businesses pick designs that are likely to succeed for a particular season or collection. 

Figure 4.0 - Detailed Influencer breakdown in terms of gender, city and genre for all categories of design & clothing style

The platform also allows the users to perform custom searches for popular design and style keywords. Some examples of these keywords are - asymmetrical necklines, corset inspired, Y2K aesthetics and so on (as depicted in Figure 5.0). 

Figure 5.0 - The tool also facilitates customized searches for all popular clothing design 

Another way to conduct custom search on the platform is through visual trend search. The user can simply share the link of the Instagram post or drag & drop an image from a photo gallery(as visible in Figure 6.0). 

Figure 6.0- The tool helps conduct advance image search

Real World Application of galleri5’s Trends

In the past, fashion trends were decided by the four seasons of the year. There was the Spring collection, which was followed by the Summer collection, then the Autumn-Fall collection and finally the Winter collection. Most designers created styles and fashion around them and the journey of a clothing design from paper to production would take months. 

However, with the advent of fast fashion and growing relevance of the social media influencers and fashion bloggers and the changing consumer mindset, fashion trends of 2023 are very dynamic and need to be fast tracked.  In the coming months of 2023, fashion trend forecasts using AI will become more and more relevant in the fashion retail business. 

Fashion trend forecasting tools built by galleri5 will play a crucial role in fast-tracking the design process by providing insights and data-driven guidance that aid designers in creating collections that are aligned with current and future trends. Here are some real world application of galleri5’s Trends - 

# 1 Offer Design Leverage to Designers 

Trends analyzes data from influencer content posted on Instagram and recommends new trends pertaining to a given design. It identifies emerging trends, colors, patterns, and styles that are gaining popularity. Designers can leverage this information to create designs that are more likely to resonate with consumers.

# 2 Facilitates Early Identification of Designs

The trend forecasting capability  of the platform allows designers to identify trends in their early stages. The tool forecasts pretty accurate results ahead of time, allowing designers to create designs that will be relevant in the future. 

# 3 Reduces Guesswork

In the past, fashion designs were developed on the whim or creative inspiration of the designer. However, today that's not the case any more. Fashion designers no longer steer the wheel of fashion and social media influencers play an important part in setting new fashion trends. Thanks to this, a more data driven design decision can be made. Designs no longer have to no longer rely on unquantifiable factors such as intuition and guess work. 

# 4 Accelerates Decision Making  

Having access to trend forecast designers can make a quick decision about which style, fabric, silhouette, colour palette to use for the upcoming collection. This expedites the decision making process and accelerates the design phase. 

# 5 Encourages Personalization and Customization 

The Trends platform offers deep dive insight behind the popularity of the specific design at a micro level. For example, which design is trending is which location of the country. This enables designers to create personalized and customized designs that cater to specific consumer segments. 

# 6 Reduces Iteration 

Designing with trend insights in mind reduces the likelihood of having to make major design changes later in the process. This minimizes the number of iterations needed, saving time and resources.

# 7  Improves Market Relevance 

Trends will help designers to create clothing collections that are aligned with what the consumer is looking for. This relevance translates into higher sales and demand for the collection. 

# 8 Quick Adaptation 

If a particular trend evolves during the design phase, the designers have the option to adapt or change quickly. This can be done with the help of Generative AI, that will help create new designs prototype very quickly and easily. 

To sum up,  fashion prediction tools empower designers with valuable insights, enabling them to make informed design decisions, stay ahead of trends, and create collections that capture the essence of current and future fashion preferences. This efficiency ultimately leads to faster design processes and more successful product launches.

For more information on the capabilities and features of galleri5’s fashion trend forecasting tool, book a demo today!

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