September 11, 2023

How to Up the influencer marketing game this festive season efficiently with generative AI

The festive season is right around the corner with major festivals of the year, namely Ganesh Puja, Durga Puja, Diwali, and Christmas, bringing joy, cultural significance, and a sense of togetherness to people from diverse backgrounds and traditions. Festive seasons also bring opportunities where brands  can engage with customers on a more personal and emotional level and launch season specific festive influencer campaigns. Building positive associations with one's customers during these times can lead to long-term loyalty.

During this time, people often have higher disposable incomes due to bonuses, gifts, and other financial aspects. This leads to increased consumer spending, both on essential items and discretionary purchases. Brands strive to stand out as competition during the festive season can be intense as businesses are looking at every opportunity to capture the attention and spending power of the consumers. 

Content is an integral component of a successful influencer marketing campaign. It has to be captivating, unique and creatively superior. One way brands can achieve this is by exploring the potential of Generative AI. 

Going forward, AI content generation will become a norm for influencer campaigns because of the ease and convenience it brings to the table. Generative artificial intelligence is a form of AI content generation that focuses on enabling softwares to create content in the form of text, image, video, animation, music, audio using machine learning techniques, particularly deep learning. The technology allows its users to create new and original content based on patterns and examples from existing data which is very similar to what humans might produce or create. 

For the upcoming festive influencer campaigns, Brands can explore the convenience of AI content generation in the following ways -

# 1 Assist in Brainstorming for New Ideas 

Generative AI can play a crucial role in brainstorming new ideas for a festive season influencer marketing campaign. Generative AI can suggest festive and creative captions and hashtags that align with the campaign's theme and objectives. These can serve as a starting point for influencer content.

AI Content Generation : Created in-house by our team, the beverage bottle has a Barbie theme packaging 

AI content generation can provide influencers with festive-themed filters, overlays, and effects to use in their images and videos. These can add a festive touch to content with minimal ease. With prompt text, AI can generate visuals of the product in a specific setting with festive decorations, helping influencers showcase products in a festive context. 

# 2 Create Visually Stunning Images and Videos

Creating visually stunning content with generative AI offers several benefits, both for businesses and creative endeavors. Generative AI can produce high-quality visual content quickly. This is particularly beneficial for businesses with limited resources or tight deadlines. 

galleri5 AI generated image of a celebrity for a festive marketing campaign for a global fashion brand

AI in influencer marketing content offers a variety of visual styles and elements, allowing brands to tailor content to different audiences, seasons, or campaigns. Personalization is key to engaging with diverse customer segments. AI can spark creativity by suggesting unique combinations of visual elements, styles, and themes that humans might not have considered. This can lead to fresh and innovative content ideas in any form be it text, images, audio-visuals etc.

# 3 Reduce Creative Effort

One of the biggest offerings of AI content generation is reduced creative effort. Festive influencer marketing campaigns can be quite time sensitive. There has to be a constant flow of content and should align with the overall brand messaging.  

AI takes care of scalability and enables businesses to scale their content production efforts without having to exponentially increase their creative workforce. It can generate thousands of visuals in a short time. Due to smaller turnaround time and reduced creative efforts, the marketing team can spend more time on other aspects of the campaign. For example, measuring the metrics, engagement etc. 

# 4 Maintain Brand Consistency 

Generative AI can be a valuable tool in maintaining brand consistency throughout an influencer campaign. Generative AI can help set the branding guidelines specific to the festive season. These guidelines can include color schemes, typography, logo usage, and visual style recommendations.

Based on these inputs, AI can generate design templates for various campaign assets, such as social media posts, banners, and email headers. These templates can include placeholders for text, images, and branding elements as well. Using AI powered tools, such as generative AI helps in creating consistent messaging the copy guidelines for influencers. Thus ensuring that influencers communicate key brand messages and values in a unified manner. 

Use AI-powered tools to generate consistent messaging and copy guidelines for influencers. This ensures that influencers communicate key brand messages and values in a unified manner.

Closing Tip - Do not Ignore the Ethical Considerations of Generative AI

By leveraging generative AI in ways discussed in this write-up, brands can streamline content creation, enhance user engagement, and ensure that the festive season influencer marketing campaign is creative, data-driven, and aligned with the brand's goals and the holiday spirit.

Working with generative AI for influencer marketing campaigns brings several ethical considerations that businesses and marketers should keep in mind to maintain transparency, authenticity, and responsible use of technology. Here are some key ethical considerations- 

  • Ensure that it is transparent to both influencers and their audiences when generative AI is used in content creation.
  • Obtain informed consent from influencers before involving AI in the campaign. They should be aware of how AI will be used and how it may impact their content. 
  • Ensure that AI-generated content adheres to ethical guidelines and does not manipulate facts or misrepresent reality, especially if the content is about the product or service that is on offer during the festive season campaign. 
  • Clearly define roles and responsibilities when using AI in influencer campaigns. Establish accountability for content generated by AI, including content moderation and quality control.

Galleri5 is an award-winning influencer marketing company and we have worked with several big fashion brands and influencers in the country. Most recently, we have pandered into Generative AI, an emerging technology of the future. We not only help brands to kickstart successful influencer marketing campaigns, but also advise them on how to use Generative AI for campaign content. For more information on this, book a demo today!

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