Navigating Cultural Sensitivities During Dussehra & Diwali Influencer Marketing Campaigns

The internet has made marketing more accessible and easier for advertisers. Whether it is an upcoming brand or an established label, the internet offers advertising space for everyone. Although there are various ways to advertise on the internet, in recent times, influencer marketing is becoming the most preferred way to gain the audience's attention.  

Compelling storytelling is the cornerstone of an influencer marketing campaign. When influencer campaigns incorporate storytelling, they have the power to engage, resonate, and connect with audiences on a deeper level. Stories make content relatable. When influencers share their experiences using a product or service, it helps the audience see how it could fit into their own lives. Relatability is key in convincing consumers to make that purchase or invest in a brand. 

A good story can leverage the success of a campaign, however, an ill-conceived plan or story will have the reverse effect.  While campaigns should be culturally relevant and sensitive at any given time, during the festive season, brands need to be very mindful of the heightened cultural, emotional, and traditional significance that these celebrations hold for their target audiences. The festive season demands an even greater level of respect, cultural awareness, and authenticity in all marketing efforts to effectively connect and engage with consumers during this special time.

Here are some key pointers brands should consider while navigating the marketing theme for the upcoming Navratri, Dussehra and Diwali influencer campaign - 

Be Mindful About Influencer Selection 

Being mindful about influencer selection involves careful consideration of factors like cultural alignment, authenticity, engagement, and past performance. A well-thought-out influencer selection process contributes to a successful and culturally sensitive festive influencer marketing campaign.

Influencer marketing platforms can assist in finding the right influencer for the Diwali influencer campaign. Choose influencers whose values and interests align with the festival and its cultural significance. Ensure that they have a genuine connection to the celebration. It will be favourable if the influencer's content style, interests, and personal brand align with the brand's festive offering. This alignment creates a more natural integration of your offering into their content. 

Brand must also assess the influencer's ability to handle cultural sensitivities. Look for past examples of them participating in festival-related campaigns respectfully and thoughtfully.

Provide Platform to Regional Influencers and Communities 

A country as big and diverse as India, how the festival is celebrated is equally diverse and unique.  From the garba festivities of Gujarat to Mysore Dasara, the festival of Navratri is celebrated in different ways in various regions of India. 

An influencer campaign that celebrates the diversity and showcases how the festival is celebrated in underrepresented communities is a good example of inclusive and culturally sensitive marketing. 

This approach not only highlights the richness of different cultural practices but also fosters a sense of unity and appreciation for the traditions of all communities, contributing to a more inclusive and respectful celebration of the festival. To conceive such a wide representing influencer marketing campaign, brands must choose to work with regional influencers. 

To know more about the role of regional influencers in festive influencer campaigns, read our latest post about it. 

Give Utmost Importance to Content Vetting 

Every influencer content that is put out as part of a festive influencer marketing campaign should go through a stringent content vetting process. Brands need to ensure that the quality check of every content piece is done with utmost sincerity. There should not be any margin of error. 

Besides a close watch on what the influencers are putting out on their platform, content vetting should also include careful selection of festive hashtags. During the festive season, many brands will experiment with AI in influencer marketing campaigns. As an emerging technology, brands are quite piqued to use AI in content generation for influencer marketing campaigns. 

The advantage of using AI in content generation is that it allows marketers to create high quality and creatively superior content very easily. However, on the flip side, due to flawed historical data, at times content generated with the help of Generative AI can come across as culturally insensitive and inappropriate. 

Marketers have to be sensitive to this inherent flaw of  AI technology and ensure that content generated by AI platforms is always put through human judgment and scrutiny. 

All in all, festive time is a big opportunity for brands to boost sales, launch new products in the market and understand consumer behaviour. Festive season influencer campaigns need to be sensitive to ensure that they respect the cultural and emotional significance of the festivals, foster inclusivity, avoid offense, build trust, and resonate with diverse audiences. Sensitivity is not only a moral imperative but also a strategic choice for effective and ethical marketing.

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