September 8, 2023

Why AI will be a Game Changer in Influencer Marketing?

AI (Artificial Intelligence) has emerged as a powerful tool in reshaping the landscape of influencer marketing campaigns. This dynamic fusion of technology and marketing leverages AI's capabilities to revolutionize how brands identify, collaborate with, and derive value from influencers. In the fast-evolving digital age, AI content generation is all set to become a cornerstone for brand promotion and the growth of the influencer economy. AI's entry into this realm not only enhances the efficiency of influencer marketing but also refines its precision and effectiveness.

Here’s how AI in influencer marketing will be a game changer -

Generative AI Is the Future of Content Generation 

Content is the driving force behind influencer marketing, serving as the bridge that connects brands with their target audiences through trusted voices. Going forward, generative artificial intelligence will be a powerful tool for creating virtually stunning content for influencer marketing. Generative artificial intelligence can generate a wide range of content ideas for influencers, from blog post topics to video concepts. This can help influencers overcome creative blocks and maintain a consistent posting schedule.

From the perspective of brands as well, Generative AI can help create multiple variations of content -images, text, video for use on different social media platforms. The technology is so advanced that real and inspiring images with desired location and aesthetics can be created with prompt texting. It will not only reduce the operational cost of creating an image, but also allows the creator to experiment with creativity. For more information about this, checkout our blogpost on Generative AI and how it will simplify influencer marketing

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Growing Relevance of Virtual Influencers 

Virtual influencers are digital avatars crafted by computer technology, seamlessly integrating into the online realm, including websites, social media platforms, and video content. These "virtual influencers" come to life through advanced tools such as 3D animation, artificial intelligence, and modeling. With the advancement in AI technology, the prominence of virtual influencer marketing  and its use in AI content generation has surged in recent times. They are becoming brand ambassadors and are also becoming part of the social media creatives for influencer marketing campaigns. 

The remarkable similarity between a virtual influencer and human influencers , blurring the lines from what is real and breathing and what is not has sparked a growing leaning towards virtual influencer marketing. There are several ways brands can benefit from virtual influencer marketing, however, it's worth noting that the relevance of human influencers will not fade away. Human influencers will continue to be part of influencer marketing campaigns, while virtual influencers will be selectively used by brands. 

Fashion Trend Forecast Using AI

We can safely conclude that the genesis of influencer marketing started with fashion and beauty influencers. These influencers play a huge impact on lifestyle decisions, which includes how to dress, how to style , what to buy and from where to buy. Given the high reach of these influencers and the impact they have on popular culture, brands have started noticing the fashion choices fashion influencers are making and are using that input for design inspiration. 

To help brands stay-ahead of consumer demand in the future, galleri5’s AI enabled fashion trends predicting tool named “Trends' ' is developed to forecast fashion trends that are likely to be in demand in the near future. Driven by advanced AI algorithms and machine learning, the tool corroborates data from the influencer content posted on Instagram and recommends fashion trends and clothing styles that are likely to become popular in the coming months. 

The practice of fashion trend forecast using AI will also help brands develop content strategies for influencer marketing campaigns. For example, what styles should they promote in the next campaign, or which influencer to collaborate with. 

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Use of AI in Influencer Discovery 

AI can be a valuable asset in the process of influencer discovery, making it more reliable and effective. AI algorithms can analyze vast amounts of data from various sources, such as social media, blogs, and forums, to identify individuals with a substantial online presence in a specific niche. It can also determine the authenticity factors such as genuine follower count, engagement rate, posting frequency etc. 

Finding the right content creator for an influencer marketing campaign is something brands struggle on a daily basis. However, with AI, this task will be relatively easier as well as more reliable. 

It ensures that brands can identify the most suitable influencers to collaborate with, enhancing the success of influencer marketing campaigns. However, human judgment and oversight remain crucial to ensure that influencer partnerships align with a brand's values and objectives.

Conclusion -

The examples shared in this write -up brings forth the advancement of AI technology and how it will help brands and influencers enhance their performance on all fronts - creativity, productivity and future prospects. 

To sum up,  the integration of generative Artificial intelligence, fashion trend forecasting AI, and influencer discovery AI, virtual influencer marketing will make influencer marketing campaigns more data-driven, efficient, and effective. Brands that harness these technologies will have a competitive edge in creating personalized, trend-sensitive, and engaging influencer marketing campaigns.

galleri5 as an influencer marketing company and a brand advisor in the space is working on the aforementioned technologies. To learn more about this, we suggest you book a demo today!

Monica Prakash