November 2, 2023

6 Micro influencers You Must Include for your Festive Influencer Campaign

With the festive season going on in full swing, several brands are upping their influencer marketing game by developing new strategies and connecting with influencers who can bring in good traction during this time. For an influencer marketing campaign to be successful, it is important to tie up with the right set of influencers. In this respect, Micro-influencers can work wonderfully for a brand that wants to make a mark in a particular niche and is looking for visibility and growth. We have already written a blog post about the ways Micro-influencers can help a brand grow. A micro-influencer is a content creator with a follower count between 1 K to 100K. Influencer marketing platforms such as galleri5, with our experience of working with big brands in India, can confirm that Micro influencers bring a fresh perspective to any festive influencer campaigns. They have a niche following and ha

ve a very strong bond with their followers.

Micro-influencers can be a valuable asset for any influencer marketing campaign due to their moderate-sized, engaged followings. When searching for  micro-influencers for festive influencer campaigns, brands should look for these traits in them -

  • Relevance to brand niche
  • Engagement rate
  • Content authenticity
  • Consistency of posting content
  • Content Aesthetic
  • Cost-effectiveness

Meeting the above checklist, we bring to you the following micro-level influencers who are great with their content in various niches such as fashion, make-up, and lifestyle and will add value to any festive influencer campaign -

# 1 Dimple Puri or thechiquedreams

With 22.7K followers,  Dimple Puri is a content creator based in Gurugram, Haryana. Co-founder of Hospitality and Management Consultancy Company, Ignitize Consulting, Dimple has a corporate career and is a hands-on mother and a social media influencer. Dimple regularly posts different aspects of her lifestyle related to food, travel and festivals she celebrates with her friends and family.

Her posts have a relatable charm and resonate well with her audience. She also posts a lot of content related to festivities which makes her an ideal influencer choice for a Diwali-centric influencer campaign.

# 2 Preeti Gandhi or exquisitive_makeover

Professional makeup artist and a confessed fitness freak, Preeti Gandhi is a content creator on Instagram with 42.4K followers. A talented make-up professional she has worked with several brides and transformed their look on their special day.  

Dressing up and trying on new fashion and make-up is an integral part of any festive celebrations in India. Preeti is a perfect influencer pick for make-up or skin-care brands. This time of the year, people look for new make-up inspiration and fashion styling. With expertise and experience in both fields, Preeti will work for any festive influencer campaign that is looking to promote products related to skincare and make-up.

# 3 Renuka Jhamtani or misscravingbuster

A food, travel and lifestyle social media influencer, Renuka Jhamtani is a talented content creator with 72.2K followers on Instagram. Based in Mumbai, a major part of her job as a content creator is to visit and review the food in various restaurants and eateries across the city.

Food is an integral component of any festival and Diwali is all about hosting and enjoying the delicacies associated with it. Given the kind of content she posts on Instagram,  Renuka can serve as a perfect influencer for a festive influencer campaign that caters to food, eating out and ordering in.  During the hectic Diwali season, people love to host family and friends but don't want to be burdened with cooking. A good festive influencer campaign for a restaurant or catering company that involves influencers like Renuka to review their food or service will do very well.

# 4 Palak Sheth Ghose or healthfulwithpalak

Again a content creator from Mumbai, Palak Sheth Ghose is a lifestyle influencer with 55.8K followers on Instagram. Known to post very aesthetically appealing posts, Palak is a good choice for any brand looking to promote skin care products during Diwali. She is also a coffee enthusiast and a beverage brand that wants to promote coffee and related products during the festive season will be happy to work with her as the content will genuinely resonate with her audience.

# 5 Rashmi Chandra or rashmi1169

A pioneer in traditional, Indian home decor, Rashmi is a talented content creator who has made a mark for herself on social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube. She has 61.4K followers on Instagram and 37.3K subscribers on YouTube.

During Diwali, home decor and renovation are the top priorities for most people. Families get involved in cleaning or re-decorating their homes. Influencers such as Rashmi are the perfect pick for home decor brands who want to use the talent of home decor influencers in their campaign.

# 6 Vipin Mabin

Automobile enthusiast and content creator, Vipin Mabin is a Bangalore-based social media influencer with 73.2K followers on Instagram. Showcasing his love for luxury cars, Vipin is a great influencer choice for automobile companies.

Diwali is considered an auspicious time and many people purchase a new car during the festival Influencers like Vipin will be a good fit for festive campaigns in the automobile segment.

Conclusion -

In this article, we have covered 6 micro-level influencers who are making great content in various genres namely lifestyle, health, make-up, food,  home decor and automobile. All these themes are very integral for a festive influencer marketing campaign. Diwali is a great time for brands to launch new products or promote their existing products by engaging micro-level influencers who are not just viable but are known for better audience engagement and high-quality content.

Festive time is a great opportunity for brands to work with several micro-level influencers who are said to have better engagement rates. Brands can also experiment with AI in influencer marketing or use AI for content generation. These technologies are emerging and we are galleri5 have been helping brands navigate the fascinating world of generative AI.

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Kamna Datt
Content Writer
A content writer by profession, Kamna is an Influencer marketing enthusiast writing insightful articles about the space that will benefit brands and influencers alike!